Let’s get started

19 Nov

Someone suggested I start a blog. I’m not sure how this will go, but here goes. This is just going to be my thoughts, feelings and things I find along the way.

Today I thought about starting a cookbook. Here’s the first recipe as I posted it on Facebook.

My favorite is “Whatchagot stew”. A package of meat from the freezer in the bottom of the pot. Yes, frozen. Who plans anymore? Add any and all veggies hanging out in the bottom of the chiller drawer, even the wilted ones. Some potatoes and onions if you got them. A can or two of whatever veggies you have in the cupboard and maybe a can of beans(with the liquid, potatoes always need salt). Add a seasoning packet or two from a ramen package, save the noodle part for later. Add some water, usually half a pot, don’t worry, it’ll make more. Let sit on low all day or high if you started at noon when you realize you forgot to plan dinner. Just before eating, check for taste. Probably needs salt, remember those potatoes? Also pepper, garlic powder, parsley if you’re lucky enough to have it. Now crush up those ramen noodles you saved from earlier and add them. Stir through. By the time you find all the kids and get them washed and to the table, dinner is ready. Just add milk and bread and butter. Said kids will love you forever. Or at least until you take away their phone for not taking out the garbage and helping with the dishes. Enjoy!

I also need a place besides Facebook to keep my Gratitude List.

  • Today I’m grateful to really start a blog. I hope it goes well. I’m grateful to be feeling better from my tooth extraction. It’s making me spunky. Grateful to have my child here today. No matter how often we fight, argue and generally disagree, I always have his back. I remember a time when he wasn’t sleeping across the room. LOVES

Babydaddy’s chaos

23 Jul

My child is finally off to his visit with his father. And I have a headache from the whole shebang. His chaos and uncertainty is so annoying!

We’ve sat at home afraid to go anywhere because someone (we weren’t sure who), was coming to pick up the child sometime (weren’t sure when), but definitely before Monday afternoon when the birthday party is taking place. All because Babydaddy’s car doesn’t run.

It ended up being the girlfriend’s mother this evening. But they didn’t have it figured out until almost noon today.

There is definitely a reason we’re not together anymore. The fact that we had a volatile relationship is the main reason. Now he just gives me a headache. He is always loud and chaotic. And so is his house. Our child can only stay about a week and then he’s ready to come home.

  • I’m grateful to not have that loud, chaotic person in my life anymore than necessary. I’m grateful for a restful week of self-care. I’m grateful to my child’s father for the amazing child he gave me.

Night all. LOVES


22 Jul

I’ve started today’s blog multiple times. I just can’t think about a topic. I guess that’s one of the things about staying home watching old Power Rangers DVDs with my child.

We’re home because we’re waiting for his father to figure out who is picking up our child and when that someone is coming. He’s having problems because their car isn’t running. So we sit here all day. The current plan is to pick up tomorrow afternoon or sometime Sunday, but we’re not sure who is coming yet.

I’ve learned a long time ago to be flexible when dealing with his father. The more I’m relaxed about the uncertainty, the calmer my child is. He really doesn’t do the unknown well. So here we sit watching TV together.

  • I’m grateful to have learned to be flexible when planning things with my son’s father. I’m grateful that watching a movie can calm my child when he’s dealing with uncertainty. I’m grateful today is almost over. Can’t wait to get up tomorrow and wait all day again.

Night all. LOVES

Peopling is difficult

21 Jul

I’m afraid that my aversion to peopling is rubbing off on my youngest child. He seems to be happiest when sitting next to me watching YouTube. He will go outside and play, but it’s not often and usually when I make him.

Last night, he actually told me he would go outside if I would. So I went out and sat at the table in the courtyard and watch the kids play and/or fight over who got to play on a particular part of the play structure.

I can understand how he feels about being out there. None of the kids are his age. They are all younger. And they always want him to bring out HIS toys. Granted, he has an excellent collection of Nerf gear. But it’s hard to know that you’re wanted only for what you can add to the relationship.

I didn’t do much better in the courtyard. Not many of the adults came to talk to me either. Most just ignored me. I really miss my friend who moved away.

  • I’m grateful that we can get along so well together. We have our normal parent/child disagreements, but we’re usually OK. I’m grateful that internet is now considered a utility instead of an extravagance. Makes surfing the web much easier. I’m grateful to have a platform to air my concerns and questions as well as successes here and get positive feedback.

Night all. LOVES


Flynn is one!

20 Jul

My youngest grandson, Flynn Jaymes is one year old today. We just got home from a birthday party at the park.

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was woken up at o’dark thirty by my middle child telling me he had a son. It took me a minute to realize he meant ANOTHER son. His wife didn’t know she was pregnant.

Through all the rough stuff of having 2 babies so close together, my daughter-in-law is an amazing mommy.

It’s so awesome to be in a spot in my recovery to be able to see my family grow.

  • I’m very grateful that Flynn is a healthy, happy baby. I’m grateful to have a wonderful afternoon at the park. I’m grateful to sit here eating party leftovers watching kids play.

Night all. LOVES


19 Jul

I’m falling apart. Last week and into this week I had a headache that wouldn’t quit. Today, it’s a backache. It feels like someone has tied a knot with the muscles in my back. Can you have a Charley Horse in your back?

I’m trying to move more. I know I need to lose weight. But it hurts so much that I don’t want to.

I walked to the library today. It’s about 4 blocks. So 8 blocks total. I was crying by the time I got to my door because it hurt so bad.

All I seem to be doing lately is complaining and whining about hurting. I don’t want to be that person. So do I grin and bear it and don’t say anything? Now I know why my friend that has chronic pain quit talking to people. If I’M tired of hearing about how I feel, others must be too.

  • Today, I’m grateful to spend some time with the Grands. Their dad needed help wrangling at an appointment. I’m grateful to get some groceries on the way home. It should get me through the rest of the month. I’m grateful I actually went on my walk. Hopefully if I keep moving, it will hurt less.

Night all. LOVES

Meals on Wheels

18 Jul

Because my son has special needs, we qualify for the Meals on Wheels for Kids program. They bring us little TV dinner things once a week. We get 14. 2 of us, 7 days a week. They help so much with my food budget! They are nutritious, kid sized portions. It’s like getting school lunch to go. At least the main dish and vegetables part. We also get a 5 lb bag of fruit, a loaf of bread, and a gallon of 1% milk.

My son doesn’t like them and refuses to eat them. So I eat them and fix him something from his list of foods that he will eat. It’s not that hard to throw something in the microwave.

I’ve started making bigger batches and packaging it in serving size portions that he can microwave on his own. He seems to be doing well at trying to feed himself.

  • I’m grateful to have gotten those 14 packages of food this morning. I had fish for breakfast and spaghetti for dinner. I’m grateful to my friend for taking me to the doctor this afternoon. And stopping at McDonald’s for lunch. I’m grateful to take a nap in an air-conditioned room after my appointment. I think my headache is thinking of going away. The medicine is finally starting to work.

Night all. LOVES

Summer vampires

17 Jul

I think my son and I have embraced our inner vampires. We sleep during the day and stay up half the night. Although he’s awake longer than I am.

The weather has lots to do with it. It’s easier to stay inside with the air conditioning and take a nap than go outside when it’s hot. We wait and go outside when it’s cooler in the evening.

Today he didn’t get up until around 4 pm. He didn’t go to sleep until almost 4. So he had 12 hours of sleep. He’s outside at the moment. It’s 7:30 pm. And only because I made him go out.

I went to bed at 2 am at woke up at 6 am. And took a nap around 10 for an hour or so.

I suppose next week or so we’ll need to start switching back to “normal” time. Does anyone else have summer hours and winter hours?

  • I’m grateful to have this opportunity to just enjoy the summer with my kid. I won’t always have this. I’m grateful I’m getting a ride to the doctor tomorrow. Wasn’t looking forward to a bus with a headache. I’m grateful we are getting along so well lately.

Night all. LOVES