Let’s get started

19 Nov

Someone suggested I start a blog. I’m not sure how this will go, but here goes. This is just going to be my thoughts, feelings and things I find along the way.

Today I thought about starting a cookbook. Here’s the first recipe as I posted it on Facebook.

My favorite is “Whatchagot stew”. A package of meat from the freezer in the bottom of the pot. Yes, frozen. Who plans anymore? Add any and all veggies hanging out in the bottom of the chiller drawer, even the wilted ones. Some potatoes and onions if you got them. A can or two of whatever veggies you have in the cupboard and maybe a can of beans(with the liquid, potatoes always need salt). Add a seasoning packet or two from a ramen package, save the noodle part for later. Add some water, usually half a pot, don’t worry, it’ll make more. Let sit on low all day or high if you started at noon when you realize you forgot to plan dinner. Just before eating, check for taste. Probably needs salt, remember those potatoes? Also pepper, garlic powder, parsley if you’re lucky enough to have it. Now crush up those ramen noodles you saved from earlier and add them. Stir through. By the time you find all the kids and get them washed and to the table, dinner is ready. Just add milk and bread and butter. Said kids will love you forever. Or at least until you take away their phone for not taking out the garbage and helping with the dishes. Enjoy!

I also need a place besides Facebook to keep my Gratitude List.

  • Today I’m grateful to really start a blog. I hope it goes well. I’m grateful to be feeling better from my tooth extraction. It’s making me spunky. Grateful to have my child here today. No matter how often we fight, argue and generally disagree, I always have his back. I remember a time when he wasn’t sleeping across the room. LOVES

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

21 Nov

Have a headache that’s rapidly working towards a migraine so it’s just gratitude today.

  • I’m grateful for baked chicken for dinner. Delicious AND heats the downstairs. Win, win. I’m grateful for online Rx refill requests. Now I just have to go pick them up. I’m grateful for adjustable brightness on my phone so I can finish this.

Night all. LOVES

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

19 Nov

I had an eye appointment this morning. My vitreal degeneration isn’t any better. It’s actually a little worse. But it’s not life threatening or anything. It just makes it hard to see. He wants to see me back in 6 months to see if there’s any changes. But come back sooner if its obviously worse. Now I’m going to go lay down in a dark room. Dialated eyyes is no fun. I have a headache.

  • I’m grateful for an uneventful adventure this morning to the eye doctor. I’m grateful it was overcast today. Always better after an eye appointment. I’m grateful my son went to a food bank by his school. I guess we’re making au gratin potatoes for dinner.

Night all. LOVES

Monday, November 18, 2019

19 Nov

It a wet and rainy Monday. A day to stay in, to read or watch tv. Figure out something for dinner. We’re having roasted cauliflower, chicken strips, and baked cheesy mashed potato casserole.  And after my son told me he didn’t want that, he curled up on the couch and fell asleep. Now to wake him up or let him sleep?

  • I’m grateful we have heat, a roof, a 4 walls on this dark and stormy night. I’m grateful to find something for dinner that he’ll hopefully eat. I’m grateful I found all our heavy winter couch woobies.

Night all. LOVES

Sunday, November 17, 2019

17 Nov

Another day of resting. I’m getting very sick and tired of being sick and tired. I hope this clears up soon. I’ve been off Facebook all weekend and my anxiety about stuff is settling. I wonder if a periodic fast would be do-able more often. I’m pretty sure it would be helpful. More YouTube, cough and cold medication, rest and relaxation for me today. In a bit, I’ll go make my fish sticks for dinner.

  • I’m grateful I haven’t gone through a roll of tp for my nose today. I’m actually on day 2 1/2 now. I’m grateful the frozen fish is thawed now so I can cook it. Still debating on baking or frying? I’m grateful I can sit up without coughing today. So far anyway.

Night all. LOVES

Butterflies and rainbows

16 Nov

As I was doing my scripture study this morning I was reminded that no matter how bleak and dark the world seems at the moment, there WILL ALWAYS be a brighter moment ahead. THAT’S what the gift of the rainbow is all about. Even if you aren’t into religion, the rainbow teaches us that something beautiful comes from the storms.

Its the same thing with butterflies. They go through terrible changes in life to come out something totally different at the end.

I have a rainbow colored butterfly tattoo. I got it over 20 years ago when it wasn’t cool or socially acceptable to get one. Especially coming from the world I grew up in. I remember the day my mother saw it for the first time. It was several years after I had gotten it and I was so used to it being there, I had forgotten that I never wanted her to see it because I knew she would be disappointed in me. So I explained to her that I had gotten it to remind myself that no matter how hard things are, there will ALWAYS be something positive that comes from it.

I have had so many challenging things I’ve lived through. But I’m still here, getting the chance every day to find the beautiful and positive in every dark thing.

  • I’m grateful for the lessons of butterflies and rainbows. I’m grateful that I’ve been through some hard stuff and some amazing stuff. I know that there are both in everything. I’m grateful to know that no matter what down and depressing thing I’m feeling at this moment, there WILL be something to look forward to soon.

Night all. LOVES

Annoyed at stuff

16 Nov

I kicked myself off Facebook today. I got into a fight with some strangers in a political post. Then I started a fight on my page. I’m still really upset and annoyed after yesterday. So I figured I needed a timeout before I said or did something I might not be able to come back from. On top of a using dream of my past life last night, I really don’t need to be in public at the moment. So I’m binging a show my #2 son introduced me to on Hulu last night. And working on NOT spreading my annoyances towards my loved ones. Even and especially if I THINK they MIGHT deserve it.

  • I’m grateful I see where my mind was headed and I’ve learned to cut me off at the pass. I’m grateful for internet in the house. I’m grateful the ringer and notifications volumes can be separated from the media volume. THEY are off for the weekend too.

Night all. LOVES

Almost worked

15 Nov

I decided I needed a self care day to help with my bronchitis. So I made arrangements for my son to spend the night with his brother. You know that thing about best laid plans? Well THAT happened today.

He was supposed to catch the MAX to Hillsboro today after he got out of school. At his first transfer, he tried to call his brother and his brother’s phone was dying. Let the panic attack ensue. He calls me all aflutter. I grabbed my bag, through the keys and my water bottle in and went to catch the bus. I just missed it and its one that only runs every half hour. So I bang on a neighbor’s door and ask for a ride to the transfer station. When I get to him, he latches on and won’t let go. We decided that I would take him to his brother’s and then I would go back home. THAT son says I’m staying for dinner so we spend a few hours enjoying Hulu and family. When its time for me to head home my youngest decideshe needs to come with me to protect me because its dark out. So here we sit on the MAX headed home. Me and my shadow. Does anyone want to rent a teenager for a few days? I STILL need a break. We’ll prepare for another trip soon.

  • I’m grateful it is going to be ok. No major harm done. I’m grateful to spend some time with my #2 son’s family tonight. I’m grateful for neighbors and friends who step in to help in a moment’s notice.

Night all. LOVES