Let’s get started

19 Nov

Someone suggested I start a blog. I’m not sure how this will go, but here goes. This is just going to be my thoughts, feelings and things I find along the way.

Today I thought about starting a cookbook. Here’s the first recipe as I posted it on Facebook.

My favorite is “Whatchagot stew”. A package of meat from the freezer in the bottom of the pot. Yes, frozen. Who plans anymore? Add any and all veggies hanging out in the bottom of the chiller drawer, even the wilted ones. Some potatoes and onions if you got them. A can or two of whatever veggies you have in the cupboard and maybe a can of beans(with the liquid, potatoes always need salt). Add a seasoning packet or two from a ramen package, save the noodle part for later. Add some water, usually half a pot, don’t worry, it’ll make more. Let sit on low all day or high if you started at noon when you realize you forgot to plan dinner. Just before eating, check for taste. Probably needs salt, remember those potatoes? Also pepper, garlic powder, parsley if you’re lucky enough to have it. Now crush up those ramen noodles you saved from earlier and add them. Stir through. By the time you find all the kids and get them washed and to the table, dinner is ready. Just add milk and bread and butter. Said kids will love you forever. Or at least until you take away their phone for not taking out the garbage and helping with the dishes. Enjoy!

I also need a place besides Facebook to keep my Gratitude List.

  • Today I’m grateful to really start a blog. I hope it goes well. I’m grateful to be feeling better from my tooth extraction. It’s making me spunky. Grateful to have my child here today. No matter how often we fight, argue and generally disagree, I always have his back. I remember a time when he wasn’t sleeping across the room. LOVES


18 Jul

In treatment I learned about the 5 levels of change. They are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. I learned that for every decision, your mind goes through these stages. Sometimes almost instantly and sometimes it takes forever.

I am at the contemplation stage of getting my hair cut. I know I want something different, but I’m not sure what different I want yet.

My body is changing and I want to change everything. I think? Maybe? My hair has been in this one style for so long, I don’t even know what I want. I guess that’s why I’m still contemplating.

  • I’m grateful to meet with some lovely ladies for wonderful conversation tonight. I’m grateful to have more conversation with the neighbors when I came home. I’m grateful I didn’t fall off my diet too much tonight.

Night all. LOVES

IT’S HOT!!!!!!

17 Jul

We’re in the midst of a heatwave here in Portland. Today is the second day of almost 100 degrees with the past few days and several forecast in the future in the mid to upper 80’s and 90’s. I know there are plenty of people who say its not bad and it could be worse, but this is super hot here. I’ve been running my air conditioner almost nonstop for quite a few days and I’m not looking forward to my electric bill. But I can’t imagine being without it.

We went to my son’s therapist this morning. I had already rescheduled it to 9 am from 1 pm this afternoon. I knew we wouldn’t want to be out and about on the bus in the middle of a hot day. I’m so glad I did. It was already almost 80 when we got to the office and a few degrees warmer an hour later when we left. I knew I wasn’t going to want to cook tonight, so we walked the three blocks to the grocery store. We picked up milk, a new box of cereal, some cheese and lunchmeat, and some fresh veggies.

Across the street from the store is a bus stop that we can use to get us to the bus home. I really didn’t want to walk the 8 blocks back to the other stop. Especially carrying groceries. My son didn’t really either. He doesn’t do heat much better than I do. It really makes him sick. His dad actually has seizures when HE overheats. And I think my son inherited it.

We both had a headache and just felt yucky by the time we got home. He felt like he was going to throw up. And he was super irritable. After eating some sandwiches for lunch, he went upstairs to his room. He’s been sleeping all afternoon. That’s how I know he’s feeling terrible. He doesn’t need to go out until Thursday. It should hopefully be cooler by then.

  • I’m grateful my electric bill is in an equal pay plan. And it doesn’t get readjusted until February. I’m grateful to the nice man who gave me a portable air conditioning unit for upstairs this spring. With the fans and some carny ingenuity, we can keep the entire house pretty cool. I’m grateful his therapist was so accommodating and changing our appointment to earlier in the day. She actually came in early for us.

Night all. LOVES

The still small voice

16 Jul

Today at church we learned about The Holy Ghost and how his still small voice helps you make good decisions. He’s that voice of reason you hear that tells you not to do something that will probably get you in trouble.

But you need to be willing to listen. Its like a line in a movie I watched, “They aren’t really listening. They could go over my daughter’s boombox and they wouldn’t hear it.” I also learned that the more you are willing to listen, the more you will hear.

  • I’m grateful for the still small voice in my life today. I’m grateful for insightful speakers and teachers at church. I’m grateful to see my middle child for about 5 minutes today.

Night all. LOVES

Cave dwelling

15 Jul

We’re having a heat wave this week. Its averaging mid to high 90’s with a few triple digit days thrown in for spice. Even the overnight lows are barely dropping below 70. Way too hot for me.

So my son and I are chilling out in the house with the air going. All the lights are off and the fans are circulating all the lovely cool air through the house. With all the blinds closed, it really resembles a cave, hence the name, “My Cave”.

  • I’m grateful for the equal payment plan for my electric bill. I’m sure it would be astronomical otherwise. I’m grateful to have a freezer full of ice. Drinking lots of cold water to stay hydrated. I’m grateful my child likes quesadillas for dinner. No oven cooking this week.

Night all. LOVES

Friday, July 13, 2018

14 Jul

Today is a chillin’ in the cave type of day. Except for the few hours we had a community meeting in our courtyard. Met the new neighbors, reconnected with some others, and generally peopled for a bit. Now its back into the cave for the rest of the evening.

  • I’m grateful the social hour is over. Now to rest up for the next one. I’m grateful to not have to cook dinner tonight. They had food. I’m grateful it’s Friday the 13th. Its my favorite holiday.

Night all. LOVES

So annoyed!

13 Jul

I’m trying really hard to eat better and lose weight. I’ve lost 60 pounds in the last 6 months. I’ve done it by changing my diet and trying to have a positive mental attitude. I’ve also changed up some of my medications with my doctor’s help.

This weekend I did some shopping for milk, eggs, and produce to get me through the week. My budget this month is VERY limited so I was trying to be frugal. Instead of buying the carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and snow peas and preping them myself, I bought some prebagged ones because it was cheaper this week. One bag was great. It lasted us until today and all the veggies stayed fresh and crispy.

The other bag, on the other hand, did not do so well. I haven’t opened it yet and I might not. I think I’m going to try and take it back. The veggies in it are all turning brown and getting droopy and slimey!

How is a person supposed to eat better if the fresh, healthy food is so darn expensive?! I was talking to my dietician this week about it. A box of macaroni and cheese is less than a dollar and feed both of us. A salad is at least $3-5. And it will only feed one and a half of us because my son pucks all the stuff he doesn’t like out of it. Carrots and broccoli are around a dollar a pound, but you can only eat so much before you don’t want to look at anything green or orange for a really long while. Sometimes you just want different vegetables!

I’m supposed to eat between 60-80 grams of protein a day. That’s mt bariatric clinic’s recommendation. Chicken is cheap, mostly. But like the carrots and broccoli argument, you can only eat so much before you would rather roll over, starve and die before you eat any more. I usually try to buy a canister of protein powder every month, but my budget is slim this month. I had an unexpected expense come up. So now I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I WILL make do. I know that. But I’m still really annoyed about the whole situation. Maybe its just too hot today.

  • I’m grateful the one bag of veggies lasted 5 days. I’m definitely going to be checking dates next time. I’m grateful to have food in my house. We won’t go hungry. I’m grateful to have a/c. This heat is really doing a number on me.

Night all. LOVES

What if…

12 Jul

Today is free slurpee day. You get a free super small slurpee at 7-11. My son counted out his change so he could get a bigger one and a thing of nachos and walked the 5 blocks to the store. He came home just shaking and very upset. He had a panic attack at the store. He barely made it home.

It hurts that my 6’2″ 17-year-old can revert to a 5-year-old in the blink of an eye. What would have happened if he couldn’t make it home? Would he know to call me? I worry about what’s ahead for him. Will he have a job? Will he have real friends? Not just people who like him for what he has or can give them. What will happen to him when I’m not here anymore? All these thoughts are just racing through my brain. I hope his brothers will be there when he needs help and I’m not here.

  • I’m grateful for this learning process as he grows up. I’m grateful that his brother dropped by and took him back to the store. I’m grateful he seems to be okay for now.

Night all. LOVES