Let’s get started

19 Nov

Someone suggested I start a blog. I’m not sure how this will go, but here goes. This is just going to be my thoughts, feelings and things I find along the way.

Today I thought about starting a cookbook. Here’s the first recipe as I posted it on Facebook.

My favorite is “Whatchagot stew”. A package of meat from the freezer in the bottom of the pot. Yes, frozen. Who plans anymore? Add any and all veggies hanging out in the bottom of the chiller drawer, even the wilted ones. Some potatoes and onions if you got them. A can or two of whatever veggies you have in the cupboard and maybe a can of beans(with the liquid, potatoes always need salt). Add a seasoning packet or two from a ramen package, save the noodle part for later. Add some water, usually half a pot, don’t worry, it’ll make more. Let sit on low all day or high if you started at noon when you realize you forgot to plan dinner. Just before eating, check for taste. Probably needs salt, remember those potatoes? Also pepper, garlic powder, parsley if you’re lucky enough to have it. Now crush up those ramen noodles you saved from earlier and add them. Stir through. By the time you find all the kids and get them washed and to the table, dinner is ready. Just add milk and bread and butter. Said kids will love you forever. Or at least until you take away their phone for not taking out the garbage and helping with the dishes. Enjoy!

I also need a place besides Facebook to keep my Gratitude List.

  • Today I’m grateful to really start a blog. I hope it goes well. I’m grateful to be feeling better from my tooth extraction. It’s making me spunky. Grateful to have my child here today. No matter how often we fight, argue and generally disagree, I always have his back. I remember a time when he wasn’t sleeping across the room. LOVES

Sunday, July 21, 2019

22 Jul

Not feeling to great today. Just gratitude.

  • I’m grateful for zucchini spaghetti for dinner. I’m grateful for my many fans to help the house stay cool. I’m grateful for Tylenol and ibuprofen for the physical aches and pains of life.

Night all. LOVES

Quick and easy cookies

21 Jul

I needed to make cookies for church tomorrow. If I was going to turn on the oven and heat up the house, I was going to make it worth it. This is my riff on a recipe I found online.

In an enormous bowl, mix 2 packages cake mix( I used 1 chocolate, 1 yellow), 2/3 of a 26 oz jar of peanut butter, 1 cup of vegetable oil, and 4 eggs. Mix well with a wooden spoon. Your arm WILL get tired. You could probably use a mixer if you have one, but I don’t, so I get muscles. I added a 1/4 water near the end because it just wouldn’t combine well by hand.

Then drop by tablespoons onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Easy clean up, DUH! And you don’t need to grease the cookie sheets. If you don’t have parchment, you definitely want to grease pans. Bake for 7-9 minutes, or until set and the bottoms start to brown. Remember that MY oven sucks, so you might want to watch yours closely. The original recipe said 8-10 minutes. This made 5 dozen +1 cookie. Yes, I know! I was lazy by the time I got to the bottom of the bowl. And they’ve all been successfully distributed away from THIS house. I DID eat a couple and they were too yummy to stay around here.

  • I’m grateful to still be able to experiment in the kitchen. I’m grateful the neighborhood guinea pigs are happy. I’m grateful to be done before it got way to hot to have the oven on.

Night all. LOVES

Friday, July 19, 2019

20 Jul

I guess I used all my insight yesterday. After a night of bad dreams and waking up with a headache, I just want to vegetate today. I didn’t, but I wanted to. I finished laundry, did dishes, took a shower, prepped meals for the next few days, and I’ve started a new book. An actual paper and ink book. It’s taken me all afternoon to read 20 pages. Just can’t sit still tonight.

  • I’m grateful to have some new books from my Buy Nothing Facebook group. I’m grateful for the lovely weather to sut outside and not accomplish much. I’m grateful to have most of my chores done for the day. Just need to take my meds and brush my teeth.

Night all. LOVES

Remember who you are

18 Jul

I watched a video this morning, https://youtu.be/b2BtFWBCVYw, about the miracle of finding happiness after tragedy. Losing a child is the hardest thing EVER to go through, but KNOWING that she is in excellent day care with our Savior and Heavenly Father makes it bearable most of the time. I NEEDED to be REMINDED of THIS today! I KNOW my Heavenly Father loves me and HE never gives me more than HE knows I can handle at THAT moment with what I have available to me at the time. Even when live seems so hard and I think I’ll never get through this trial I’m going through at the time, remembering what I’ve already been through and knowing that I have survived, helps me to keep swimming and to remember to breathe. As long as I’m breathing, there is hope and promise.

  • I’m grateful today for the reminders, large and small, that let me know I am not in this alone. I’m grateful for my faith in my Heavenly Father to know that he will always be ready to help me when I ask. I’m grateful to know that even when I forget to ask, I will get the nudge to remember who I am and what is available for me.

Night all. LOVES

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

18 Jul

Another day of gratitude.

  • I’m grateful for all my fans working because the humidity is really making me miss my air conditioner. I’m grateful a box of mac & cheese is quick and easy for my child’s dinner. I’m grateful its supposed to rain overnight. At least then the humidity will be worth it.

Night all. LOVES

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

17 Jul

Trying to carry on when life seems hard. I was doing well until I received some sobering news this evening. Just a reminder that life is unknown.

  • I’m grateful my dinner went well. I made cheese crisps. (Baked cheese!) I’m grateful to sit in my chair watching the sunset. It lets me know the earth still goes around. I’m grateful to hear the wind in the trees. It reminds me that wonderful things aren’t always seen.

Night all. LOVES

Eye doctor

16 Jul

I had my follow-up appointment with the eye doctor today. My eye hasn’t gotten better. It’s actually gotten a bit worse. He said its a form of macular degeneration and I’ll have it forever. I suppose I’m OK with it for now, although I reserve the right to change my mind. For now, I’m still dealing with being dialated for the exam. Remember to breathe.

  • I’m grateful the doctor was great about the whole thing. I now have a new eye doctor. I’m grateful for the last month to practice getting used to my new normal. I still have more practice as I move forward. I’m grateful I found a really cool pair of sunglasses at the dollar store across the street from the eye doctor. They fit over my regular glasses.

Night all. Loves