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11 May

My church had a women’s retreat this weekend in Silver Falls State Park. Lots of fellowship, food, and a great time had by all. Next time I’m getting an air mattress though. My hips are killing me after sleeping on the hard wooden bunk. I missed yesterday’s post because we were without WiFi.

  • I’m grateful to be home and in my own bed. Plan on staying there until morning. I’m grateful to have a wonderful time. I’m grateful for all the women of my ward.

Night all. LOVES


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

9 May

My son’s therapist has been bringing a therapy dog into our sessions the last couple of weeks. You can SEE the difference it is making. He’s calmer and willing to talk about the hard stuff. All while he lays on the floor petting the dog.

There are only 4 times the dog gets to come. So we are working on preparing to say goodbye as we are talking. He never got to say goodbye to so many things that he doesn’t really know how. His therapist hopes that this will help.

  • I’m grateful for this opportunity we’ve been given. I’m grateful to be done with appointments this week before the extreme heat hits. I’m grateful that he has been happier the last couple of weeks.

Night all. LOVES

Friday, April 26, 2018

27 Apr

Almost forgot.

  • I’m grateful to make all our connections to get my son to his doctor appointment on time. I’m grateful to our doctor for his wonderful bedside manner. I’m grateful tomorrow is Saturday. Still have a headache, though not as bad. I’m sleeping in as long as I can. Hopefully it helps.

Night all. LOVES


24 Apr

I went to a transition to adulthood fair for special needs children tonight. 2 hours, 35 vendors, seemingly hundreds of people. Too much information & too many people all at one time was too much for me to process. My brain is mush so I’m taking it to bed.

  • I’m grateful I went. I picked up information from everyone even if I didn’t talk to them so I can go through it tomorrow. I’m grateful to get some laundry done today. Especially the sheets that someone hawked a hairball on at o’dark thirty this morning. I’m grateful we’re on the home stretch of the month. May is my favorite month.

Night all. LOVES

Not 17 today

23 Apr

My son is 10 today. Not really. He will actually be 18 in August. But today? He’s acting somewhere between 4 and 12. The regressions are difficult. Especially when they come out of nowhere to slam upside your head. It just makes the day extra challenging to ride the bus and do our errands.

It started at therapy. He just curled up on the couch facing the wall and not talking. Then at Taco Bell, he was using the writing app on his phone to talk to me. Then he was crowding me on the bus and the bus stops. And all the way home, he’s talking in kid-speak(like a toddler). After we got home, he is sitting almost ON me because he needs to be close. To finish this post, I’m going to try to get him in his own chair by tucking the blanket in close around him.

Think its going to be an early bedtime. He is always super tired after one of these episodes. So am I. Just remember to breathe and to keep swimming. Tomorrow is a new day.

  • I’m grateful it didn’t start to rain until we walked in the back door. I’m grateful to find an exceptional deal on free range eggs at the super expensive natural store up the street. I’m grateful to know things are never the same way twice. If I keep saying it, it’s not such a surprise?

Night all. LOVES

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

17 Apr

Just gratitude tonight. Really worn out tonight.

  • I’m grateful to get to all my appointments today. Even if I had to spend all day on the bus to do it. I’m grateful that after an IEP review today, my son IS on track to graduate. I’m grateful for Tylenol and ibuprofen to help after someone fell on me this afternoon on the bus. Everything is still sore. And an extra. I’m grateful to have nothing scheduled tomorrow so I can get caught up on my household chores. Especially the dishes. SIGH!

Night all. LOVES


Quiet Friday

13 Apr

We’ve been quiet here today. Spent most of the day sleeping. Appropriate for spending last evening at the ER. All the stress of the last few weeks have given him stomach issues. The pain was enough for the doctor to give him a pain-killer cocktail to help deaden the pain from the inside out and to settle his stomach. It was just maalox and lidocaine. It really helped.

We were able to catch the last bus home and be in bed by midnight armed with a prescription and a packet of papers. He doesn’t like the medicine. For something that’s supposed to be odorless, colorless, and tasteless, he says its gross.┬áBut it is helping. He’s in a much better mood.

  • I’m grateful to Randall Children’s hospital for taking such good care of my boy. I’m grateful that it wasn’t as serious as it could have been if we had waited. I’m grateful to see him smile today. They’ve been few and far between lately.

Night all. LOVES