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Sunday September 30th, 2018

30 Sep

Still in the hospital, but not scheduled for surgery. The bleeding wasn’t in my stomach but between the muscles and inner skin level. The compression and transfusions seem to have worked.

So today is moving on to recovery. Getting enough water and protein in me. Going for walks around the unit and getting plenty of rest.

I’m hoping to go home tomorrow late afternoon, but it might be early Tuesday. Depends on if I can get my assignments completed.

  • I’m grateful to not need another surgery. I’m grateful to get pudding and instant breakfast today. I’m grateful for a good outlet in my future.

Night all. LOVES


Saturday September 29, 2018

29 Sep

The days adventure. At 7am I was told they wanted to operate again. I’m bleeding inside. They do a transfusion while waiting to see about an OR room to be available. Transfusion takes a couple of hours. Then I have to wait for an hour for labs to come back. Meanwhile, I’m still getting prepared for surgery. Yucky soap in baby wipes because I can’t shower. Then they decide to do a CT scan to see if they can see where I’m bleeding before they crack me open.

“Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times as we go off to see the wizard down the yellow brick road and onto Willie Wonka’s elevator.” The things you talk about to perfect strangers as they push your bed down the hall.

After the CT, they aren’t positive about needing to do another surgery. They are giving me another transfusion though. And have me wrapped up in a corset thing to put pressure on my stomach to see if that will help it quit bleeding. The scan shows its just a small nick that might heal on its own. So here I sit until about 5 to see what the next step is.

Until the next chapter. Just keep breathing!

  • I’m grateful today for someone answering early morning phone calls. I’m grateful to all the many healing hands that are here watching over me. I’m grateful to have kept my sense of humor through all of this. Its keeping me occupied at least.

Nigh all. LOVES

The day after

28 Sep

Surgery was yesterday morning. Everything went great until I was coming out of anesthesia. I had a bad reaction. And I passed out and they couldn’t wake me up again for over 20+ minutes. I remember sitting on the side of the bed and the next thing I remember was being surrounded by tons of people all poking and prodding me. Needless to say, I will be here one more night at least.

I’m doing better this evening though. I just want to know why its so exhausting to get up and go to the bathroom and eat lunch? I’m ready for another nap. Been doing naps a lot today. But they aren’t saying I can’t, so I will.

  • Today I’m grateful to wake up. I’m grateful the surgery itself went great. I’m grateful to all the people here that are taking such good care of me.

Night all. LOVES

T-1 day

27 Sep

Today was my sleep clinic appointment before my surgery tomorrow. I needed to make sure my CPAP machine is set right. I have rides set up to get there and get home. I have my child taken care of while I can’t be a hands on mother. I’m doing mostly well with my clear liquid diet today. Except I’m in the bathroom every 15 minutes! I was joking with someone this afternoon that I would fail a UA today because it’s an automatic fail if your sample is too diluted.

I’ve also decided I’m not cooking today. If I don’t get to eat, I shouldn’t have to cook for someone else. He took his allowance to the taco truck. I’m having protein water.

  • I’m grateful again for all those who are helping me get where I need to be in this journey. I’m grateful I only have one more sleep to go. I’m grateful to actually feel at peace about everything. I’m not sure I will get to my list  tomorrow, so I’ll just say now that I’m very grateful to have been on this journey and I’m looking forward to the start of a new chapter tomorrow.

Night all. LOVES

Clear liquid diet

26 Sep

I’m getting down to the wire. I started my clear liquid diet this evening. I get to quit taking anything by mouth at bedtime tomorrow. I’m as ready as I’m gonna be. I have one more appointment tomorrow morning with the sleep study doctor to make sure my CPAP is set right. And all my appointments are done until I show up at the hospital Thursday morning. Just need to keep remembering to breathe.

  • I’m grateful to all who have stepped up to help me get this far. I wouldn’t be here without you. I’m grateful protein water doesn’t taste terrible. I’m grateful I have a bunch of bottles in the fridge.

Night all. LOVES

Monday September 24, 2018

25 Sep

I usually try to do only one adventure or appointment a day because getting around on the bus is so tiring. But today I planned a doctor’s appointment and a grocery trip in the same day. I don’t know what I was thinking.

The doctor was for my son’s yearly physical and flu shot. I thought the appointment was for 11 but it actually was for 10! So we showed up at 10:20 thinking we were early. They said they would see us, but they put us at the back of the line. So it was almost 1 before we left.

After the doctor, we took the bus to the grocery store. I had planned on eating lunch at their deli, but their deli is closed this month for construction! So after getting the stuff I needed for after my surgery, we walked up the road the other way to the more expensive natural grocery store.

Then 2 buses home. So we left home about 8:30 this morning and walked back in the door at almost 4pm. My evening is going to consist of hanging out in my courtyard with my swollen feet and ankles up drinking lots of water.

  • I’m grateful I had enough funds to buy most of what I needed. It’ll do. I’m grateful to a toddler chair with a pillow as footrest. I’m grateful to have not planned anything strenuous the next 2 days. Let’s see what actually happens.

Night all. LOVES

Down to the details

24 Sep

Well, it’s getting down to the wire for my surgery. I have most of the big stuff figured out. Just need to make sure I have a ride to the hospital and home. I have them planned, just need the hospital to call me with the time to be there. They are supposed to call me either Tuesday or Wednesday. And the ride home really depends on when I’m discharged.

I’ve got my son figured out until Monday. He’s going to his father’s for the weekend. I haven’t got after that buttoned down so much though. That’s some of the fine details I’m still working on.

I’m stopping at the grocery store after my son’s physical tomorrow morning so that detail will be taken care of. I have my grocery lists on my phone. As for feeding and watering my child for the next couple of weeks? That’s another detail that isn’t 100% yet. But we’ll get there. Part of the reason is because he’s so picky to feed. It’s hard to explain to someone else his dietary wants and dislikes. I’m thinking about just getting him some tv dinners and a box of his favorite cereal and a gallon of milk. Maybe I’ll get him a gift card to the taco truck down and around the corner?

  • I’m grateful to all my family and friends who are stepping up to help. I’m grateful to my smart phone for being my brain when my own is so befuddled. I’m grateful for deep breaths. Everything will be okay as long as I remember to breathe!

Night all. LOVES