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Chicken, & noodles

31 Dec

This is not chicken and noodles soup. Or even chicken and noodles as a casserole. This is chicken. And noodles.

For the chicken, I put 3 frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breasts and 3 frozen, boneless, skinless chicken thighs in a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle generously with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and dehydrated lemon powder. Place in a 350F oven for 45 minutes, or until done in the middle. The juices run clear. One of these days, I’ll get a new thermometer. Turn the oven off, but leave the pan in the oven.

For the noodles, in a pot on the stove, bring water to a boil on high, adding salt and seasonings right before you add the egg noodles. I reduce the heat to about an 8 and boil until the noodles are done. Add some butter and let melt. Then add some shredded cheese. Stirring until all combined.

My plate gets chicken and noodles, but Carson only gets noodles. He doesn’t like meat very often. Unless it’s on a pizza.

I’ll use the leftovers later in the week for lunches. Sometimes shredding the chicken into salads.

Just simple easy food tonight. I still don’t feel well. This month has been difficult. I’m hoping the antibiotics work soon on my mouth and not just upsetting my stomach.

  • I’m grateful to have frozen chicken in the freezer. Makes cooking easy mist of the time. Grateful my child’s favorite food is pasta and cheese. Alright, just cheese anyway he can get it. I’m grateful for ibuprofen.

Night all. LOVES


Winter storms

30 Dec

Today has been a perfect Pacific Northwest winter day. Dark, dreary, and very wet. And now the wind has started to blow. There’s just something I love about sitting here watching the weather go by while sitting under a blanket while reading.

There are a couple of downsides of winter here though. One is it sucks to be out in it. They say that true Oregonians don’t use umbrellas. Well I, for one, am glad I was born in Idaho. My umbrella is my best friend. Especially when riding the bus.

The other downside to a Pacific Northwest winter is probably a problem anywhere in the northern hemisphere. It’s only 4pm, but it seems like its 6 or 7 and we should be getting ready for bed soon. No wonder it’s so hard to keep our internal clock on a schedule.

  • I’m grateful to be indoors today. There are so many that aren’t. I’m grateful to have a warm blanket. Christmas was good to me this year. I’m grateful to have a full Kindle. Although IS there such a thing as a FULL Kindle? There always seems to be “just one more book” I need/want.

Night all. LOVES

Hate being broke

29 Dec

I had my dentist appointment this afternoon. I have an abscess under my molar. They believe it’s because of the last cleaning I had. It’s where they deep cleaned it last. Or I ate something that inflamed it. Either way, I’m on antibiotics for another¬†2 weeks and they were in there today flushing it out. Swallowed a bunch of pus and now my stomach is not happy.¬†But I’ll live. My dentist agrees with me. Don’t self-diagnosis with Google. It’s not cancer.

I took my teenager with me today on our adventures. Everywhere we went, all I heard was “can I have…?” How many times can a mother say, “No! I’m broke!” before the child will actually listen?

I’m digging for quarters for the machine at the dentist and he wants some of the candy. I’m checking balances of my gift and debit cards to see how I can juggle a goodie for the way home and he’s asking again. We walk past the 7-11 and he’s STARVING!

I feel so bad when he’s having a meltdown because I’ve said no again. I realize that part of the meltdown is he’s tired and overwhelmed, but it still isn’t much fun.

Maybe I should have found a babysitter and left him home? I know he doesn’t do waiting, buses, and strangers well. It might have been better if I didn’t need to go across town to refill a new prescription because the dentist wanted me on a higher dosage. That added almost 3 hours to our day.

I know that I’m NOT at my best so my patience is thin. But being broke still sucks.

  • I’m grateful to have insurance that covers dental and prescriptions. No out of pocket co-pays. I’m grateful I eggnog was on sale. He was happy with that as a goodie. I’m grateful to have a warm, dry home to struggle home to through the rain this afternoon!

Night all. LOVES

When undecided, waffles

28 Dec

I received two huge boxes of organic fruits and vegetables yesterday. And it’s amazing. I shared some with my neighbor who is a new mommy because she likes grapefruit. I can’t have it because it doesn’t like my meds. I also gave her half the kale, baby potatoes and celery.

I had apples for breakfast because if you cut the pieces small they aren’t hard to chew. I put a cut up lemon in a jar of honey in the fridge to make honey lemon syrup. It’s much needed for my sore throat.

I took the baby potatoes and roasted them in the oven for lunch. Covered in oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder at 400F for 30 minutes. I was a bit heavy on the salt. But I figured if I rinsed my mouth out with water after, it’s a salt water rinse.

But my mouth was still sore tonight and I wasn’t sure what to have for dinner. So I fell back on my favorite comfort food. Waffles! I haven’t found anything yet that beats the taste of a waffle when things are not going the way you want them to.

I’m going to the dentist tomorrow, so I think I’m going to cook the squashes because it’s soft. And I think a stir-fry for Friday.

  • I’m grateful for the fresh produce. It’s been fun figuring out how to use it. I’m grateful to have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Hopefully I will start feeling better soon. I’m grateful for Christmas woobies because it’s been cold today.

Night all. LOVES

Find the positive

27 Dec

This not being able to eat sucks! Especially today. I had 2 huge boxes of organic fruits and vegetables left on my doorstep this afternoon sometime between noon and three. I don’t know where it came from either. I didn’t order it. And they aren’t answering the phone. I’ll find out tomorrow. I guess I’m making a pot of veggie stew.

I hope the dentist can help Thursday. I went to the doctor this morning and she gave me some antibiotics and said to keep the dentist appointment. It looks like its infected down into my jaw. I’ve looked back over the last few blogs and my mouth has been hurting for over a week now. BONUS: I’ve lost weight since my last appointment.

  • I’m grateful for fresh fruits and veggies delivered to my door. I’m sure I’ll figure out something positive to do with them all. I’m grateful to my son’s foster mom. She’s taking him for the night. He gets another Christmas and a movie. I’m grateful the ice is melting off the sidewalks before we get more tonight.

Night all. LOVES

Happy Holidays

26 Dec

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday today. There are so many different holidays being celebrated this time of year.

We’re spending the day sleeping and trying to get well. Ramen for me and frozen banana milkshake for him. It’s really easy. Take 1-2 frozen bananas, depending on the size. Place in the blender cup of our Ninja. Add a cup of milk, a serving of hot chocolate powder, a generous scoop of peanut butter, and a dash of vanilla. Blend until smooth. Serve with a straw. I like to use 2 bananas, peanut butter, and just enough milk to make it blend. Serve it in a bowl with a spoon.

Heading back to bed. Setting the alarm to call the doctor first thing for a same day appointment.

  • I’m grateful to have bananas in the freezer. I usually do 2 bunches a couple of times a month. I’m grateful for my new woobies. One is double-sided and it has replaced all my other blankets on my bed. I’m grateful for a 16 year old who is becoming mostly self-sufficient is I have enough cheese, tortillas, canned soup and frozen burritos on hand. And some clean dishes.

Night all. LOVES

Bah Humbug

25 Dec

There! I said it. I’m still really sick. Some of my children are mad at me. And I just want to go back to bed. So I’m gonna.

I’m grateful to be sleeping indoors. It’s snowing outside. Anyone who has ever been in Portland Oregon knows that it shuts the city down. There are many in tents and/or boxes, or nothing at all tonight.

I’m grateful to have food in my belly. Even if it isn’t exactly what my son wants at the moment. Because there are many who are eating from garbage cans.

I’m grateful for Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. They make it possible to call my loved ones and to have lights to play on my phone. I was able to talk to my middle child and my dad today. My middle child says they are having power issues where he is. I could be sitting here in the dark.

Night all. LOVES