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Let the sneezing begin

23 Mar

It must be springtime. I can tell because I’ve been sneezing almost nonstop for the last couple days.

I have really bad allergies pretty much all year. I take medicine for them every day. But a few times a year, I almost need to double up. In the fall when the season changes, around Christmas when all the pine and cedar come inside, and every spring. And spring is the worst. I think it’s because everything is waking up at the same time and sending out new shoots, leaves and flowers.

  • I’m grateful for tissue paper. I go through rolls of it. I’m grateful for lotion under my nose. It gets so sore. I’m grateful for allergy medication. I couldn’t imagine life without it.

Night all. LOVES



20 Mar

I spent the afternoon with my middle child today running errands. I had to pick up prescriptions and I didn’t want to be nauseous on the bus. I’d much rather be nauseous in a car.

He’s learning to drive a standard and he’s doing a really good job of it. Only killed it a couple of times. And both were on hills.

  • I’m grateful that he was willing to come and take me today. He’s such a good kid. I’m grateful to have my meds. I’m grateful he’s coming back over to babysit tomorrow night so I can go to a party at the church.

Night all. LOVES

Counting blessings

19 Mar

As I sit here listening to lullabies playing, I’m counting my blessings. My son is almost asleep. He came home from his foster mom’s with a basket of clean clothes, a new hair cut, and a new attitude about him. And he’s tired.

I made it to Sacrament Meeting today even though I had to come home afterwards. I didn’t stay for Sunday School or Relief Society because I felt terrible.

I was able to cobble together something to eat today that hasn’t had too many bad consequences for my stomach. Sometimes oatmeal is amazing.

  • I’m grateful to have my needs met most of the time. Even when I don’t think I do, it’s mostly because I’m being lazy and not doing my part. I’m grateful to all those who bring sunshine to my soul. I’m grateful to know that things will work out the way they are supposed to.

Night all. LOVES

St Patrick’s Day

18 Mar

I’m celebrating this holiday by staying home and off the streets. I shipped my son off to his foster mom’s where she is going to spoil him with pizza and a movie and doing a load of laundry I sent with him. She is such an amazing woman and I’m blessed to have her.

I’m not having a good day with my medicine so I’m probably going back to bed early after making some chicken soup.

  • I’m grateful to have extra amazing adults in my child’s life who can step up when I can’t. I’m grateful for simple, easy to digest food. I’m grateful for warm and cozy blankets all throughout the house.

Night all. LOVES


17 Mar

It’s Friday. So it’s shot day. I’ve been lying on the couch all afternoon. And had a smoothie for dinner. It’s easier on my stomach. Especially since I’ve started using almond milk instead of cow’s milk.

One of my favorite parts of lying on the couch is my son has a blanket that his foster mom made out if a bunch of jeans. So it’s really heavy and warm. It didn’t get put away from the weekend so it’s the one I’ve been curled up under. I really like heavy blankets.

Now to figure something out for him for dinner. He’s not thrilled with anything we have and we don’t have anything he wants. He doesn’t want his usual suspects. We’ll figure it out. It’s Friday, so there’s not a set time limit. Although the kitchen closes at 8pm.

  • I’m grateful to get my apartment recertification done today. Another year here. I’m grateful it’s Irish weekend. Next week corned beef will be on sale. I’m grateful I can go back to lying down soon. My tummy is yucky.

Night all. LOVES

Things are changing

11 Mar

I have hope today that I’m finally starting to be getting used to my Bydureon shot. I haven’t been as sick this weekend as I have been in weeks past. It still hurts at the injection site, but the killer nausea hasn’t been as bad.

  • I’m grateful to not be as sick to my stomach as I’ve been. I’m grateful to spend a quiet day at home. I’m grateful for YouTube Red and YouTube Music app.

Night all. LOVES

Its all about changing perspective

10 Mar

I went to a Bariatric nutrition education class this afternoon. And it was interesting, informative, and surprising. 30 people in a room to learn how to eat better as we prepare for a major life change in our futures.

There were a few who were “why do we have to be here?” There were some who were “this is great, give us more information!” There were a few who were “we will NEVER get this figured out!” Most were a little bit of everything.

But there was this one guy who was fun to watch and listen to. He wanted to know why his A1c was so high when he’s eating healthy foods. Come to find out he’s eating 6-8 protein candy bars a day! Besides his regular meals. And he wanted to know if he could go back to eating like he was at 2 or 3 months after surgery or if it would take longer?

There was another person who didn’t feel like eating in the morning but was starving by bedtime.

Me? I learned I’m doing ok. I need to quit stressing about the things I’ve been stressed about in regards to my diet. I’ve lost another 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I’m eating most of the things I’m supposed to be eating and very few of the things I’m not. And I have a message in to the endocrinologist’s office about my stomach issues with my Bydureon. So far today, it hasn’t been too bad. Maybe it’s because I’ve been too busy to think about it this afternoon.

  • I’m grateful to get a different perspective of what I’m doing with my diet. I need to quit being so hard on myself. I’m grateful to be down another 5 pounds. I’m grateful to be shifting my worries from what I’m eating to how long I can put off buying new clothes. I really dislike shopping.

Night all. LOVES