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Weather bones

12 Aug

Woke up early this morning to an overcast sky and a threat of rain by Sunday! I’m praying so hard for rain! I’m ¬†also hoping that the hitch in my get along means it’s coming sooner than expected.

That’s one of the toughest things about growing old. When your body becomes a more accurate weather forecaster than the weatherdudes. I knew last night that the weather was changing.

As I was going upstairs, my hip decides it’s done and the rest of me could go on without it because it was staying right here! On the third step from the top! So the rest of me continued on. I’m glad I was close enough to the top that I could fall up the stairs because I really wasn’t in the mood to fall back down!

So today has been quiet and peaceful. Mostly because I’m NOT moving much. I’m going to the doctor Monday morning.

  • I’m grateful I was near the top instead of closer to the middle of the stairs last night. I’m thinking that throwing myself up is what wrenched my hip the most. I’m grateful that it’s cooler today. I’m NOT carrying my fan up and down the stairs today. Doesn’t matter how hot it is. I’m grateful that I haven’t broken my sense of humor. It gets me through lots of adversity.

Night all. LOVES

My to-do list today

10 Aug

My child is going to sleep-away camp at 8 am in the morning. So today was going to the store picking up all that last minute stuff that you always need to get. Plus, while we were at Goodwill, we got some stuff for school because it was awesome and cheap!

After Goodwill, we went to Freddy’s because I have been putting off grocery shopping and today I had access to a car. How is it that you can go into the store for almond milk, eggs, and butter and come out $150 poorer? I have no idea either. I just know I did.

I get to do some laundry tonight for camp to make sure he has enough socks because there is no such thing as too many socks! Plus, we both need other things washed and I want to do it while I have someone here to fetch and carry for me.

Lots of stuff on the list for today. And I’ve gotten most of it done. Not too shabby considering the ambulance was here late last night because my blood sugar was 50 and falling. Some honey, peanut butter, and pears helped it come up enough that the EMT’s said I didn’t need to go to the hospital if I ate something else before I went to bed. Every time I’ve checked my sugar today, it’s been in the high 100’s. Right were it’s supposed to be. But I think I’m sleeping well tonight!

  • I’m grateful to my youngest son for all the help he gave me last night and how calm he was. I’m grateful to my middle child and his friend for providing me a ride today for my errands. I don’t think I could have accomplished so much without it. I’m grateful to have nothing scheduled after 9 am tomorrow. I’m going on vacation to a very secret location. I’m not answering the door either.

Night all. LOVES

What are you eating?

9 Aug

I’m being lazy this month. The high temperatures haven’t helped. But here it is into the second week of the month and I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet. We’ve been eating and making do with what’s in the cupboards.

This morning for breakfast I made some baked oatmeal. I started with almost a cup of rolled oats. I added one grated pear, the juice from 2 small oranges (about 2/3 cup), some cinnamon (I didn’t measure because the lid was open and more than I wanted went into the bowl) some freshly grated nutmeg (didn’t measure that either), 1/4 cup brown sugar. Blend it all together and spread on a greased tray and bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Until it’s brown and toasty.

For dinner I’m doing some chicken. I put 2 frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a pan of ¬†water. I added some pepper, garlic powder, sriracha, Italian seasoning, soy sauce and some fish sauce to the water. I also added a handful of frozen celery and a handful of frozen onion. Brought it to a boil, lowered to a simmer and let it hang out until the chicken isn’t pink in the middle. Then I have chicken I can chop up and use in some noodles, the child likes ramen. And I have about a quart of chicken broth. I might add some of the frozen brown rice I have in the freezer to made some chicken rice soup.

I’m hoping the chicken will help us both feel better. I have a scratchy, sore throat, a growly voice, and a runny nose. I’ve used most of a roll of tp just since last night. The child has a cough and sore throat. I had the windows and doors open late last night because I figured all the smoke had dissipated, but I guess not.

  • I’m grateful to have stuff stashed in the house for those moments when I just can’t get out to the store. I’m grateful to be able to make excellent Whatchagot stew. I’m grateful that the weather is cooling off. Haven’t even turn the air conditioning on yet today.

Night all. LOVES

Smoke or cold?

6 Aug

It cooled down enough early this morning to shut the a/c and the fans off. And I opened the doors for a while. But I forgot about the smoke in the air and I’ve been sick all day. And my throat hurts.

I’m hoping it’s just a late summer cold from going between the cool of the air conditioning and the heat of everywhere else. I’m drinking water but it tastes yucky. Which isn’t normal. I usually love drinking water. I’ve spent most of the day in the dark because I have a headache and my nose is running constantly. That’s why I hope it’s just a cold.

But to be on the safe side, I probably shouldn’t go outside until the wind blows the smoke away and the air quality alert is over.

  • I’m grateful to have opened the doors this morning even if that’s what made me sick. I’m grateful to have lots of tp in the house. I bought a case last month. I’m grateful that I have a little flavor enhancer for water left in the house. I know I need to keep drinking.

Night all. LOVES

Gratitude when it’s hot

3 Aug

It is so hot here in Portland Oregon today. I’m not sure exactly how hot it is because my 6(YES, SIX) apps can’t agree on a temperature. I’ve got a 100 F, a 41 C, a 104 F, a 102 F, another 104 F, and a 101 F. I can safely assume it’s really, really hot! (My phone doesn’t have a degree symbol! AGGRAVATING!)

I also know it’s hot because my air conditioner is complaining about working so hard. I actually had to turn it down(warmer) because it was making so much noise.

~On a side note, I’ve proven that I’m a weather geek with all my apps. WHY is it turning it DOWN when you turn your air conditioner to make it less cool? Also WHY does someone sleep under a sleeping bag in triple digit weather? In the non-a/c part of the house?~

Back to the topic at hand. The weatherdudes have been talking about this heat wave all week. With reminders to drink lots of water and find shade. And they’ve listed all the cooling centers all over the city. They also say it’s going to be above 90 for the next 10+ days! I really want a thunderstorm with lots of rain!

  • I’m grateful to see some pictures from this last winter with all the snow on the ground to remind me that it’s not always hot here. I’m grateful that I’m not replacing a roof today like one of my friends is doing. I’m grateful to have ice cream in the freezer.

Night all. LOVES

Gonna be scorching hot!

30 Jul

This upcoming week is going to be challenging. Already getting weather alerts that the temperature is going to skyrocket by the middle of the week to triple digits.

Normally, we would move our beds downstairs to the living room and camp out for the duration because the a/c is downstairs. But we have an inspection on Tuesday and another the following Tuesday. So do I move us downstairs and hope the inspectors understand, or do I not?

Another factor is that Carson’s dad is very susceptible to heat stroke and seizures. Carson is starting to look like he has some if those effects also. He hasn’t had seizures, but he does get really miserable. Lots of nausea and headaches.

I’m filling the fridge full of water this evening. Cold water is easier to get into him to keep him hydrated. I think I’m going to call the advice nurse Monday morning. Maybe I’ll get one of the older boys to come over Tuesday afternoon and carry a mattress downstairs and then haul it back up before the next week’s inspection? STAY COOL EVERYONE!

  • I’m so grateful to have the a/c. I’m grateful that I’ve been using just the fans so I will be more used to the warmer weather. Grateful to have an emergency plan in place in case it’s needed.

Night all. LOVES

It’s not my business

29 Jul

Yesterday, I was rambling about how I didn’t know if anything I did mattered to anyone. Today I realized that it doesn’t really matter if anyone is interested in what I’m doing as long as I’m interested.

I realized that if I matter to me, then others will notice. But if they don’t, it’s their loss, not mine. One of the first things I learned in recovery is what someone thinks of me is none of my business. I had conveniently forgotten.

It’s also a different day. My housing inspection was this morning. And my house wasn’t perfect. But I had reached a point where I was “done” worrying about it. Let it happen how it was going to happen. I had even prayed about it. Asking Heavenly Father to help me pass my inspection. And I let it go. The inspection was postponed until next month. I was annoyed at first because that means I’ll have that much longer to worry and stress. But I realized tonight that I don’t have to stress about it. I just have to do what I can do to the best of my abilities and it will work out for the best. So now I have an extra 10 days to find a broom, a vacuum, and get rid of all these boxes of crap that line the walls. It all comes back to I need to quit stressing about what others think of me. And just be me.

  • I’m grateful that the inspection was postponed. Even if I wasn’t at first. I’m grateful I was giggling and laughing about stupid stuff this afternoon. I hadn’t heard that in a while. I’m grateful that I was able to stay still ling enough to finish a book I’ve been working on for over a week. I NEVER take that long on ONE book.

Night all. LOVES