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Monday, May 25, 2020

25 May

Today is Memorial Day here in the USA.

  • I’m grateful to all those who gave everything for me to be here watching TV and playing on my phone in this wonderful country with all the freedoms I enjoy.

Night all. LOVES


13 May

Several things running through the rivers of thought in my head.

How come your right to live the way YOU want by coming and going as you please supersedes my right to be well by being able to go to a store thinking everyone else is following the rules too? On the other hand, how come my rights to have a clean environment to shop supersedes your right to live the way you want by coming and going without masks or other protective gear?

Why is it ok to tell someone they can’t work or run their business because it could be unsafe? But why is it not ok to let me go out to eat because I’ve been locked in my house with my family for months and I need out?

This is just 2 examples but there are so many more. Don’t get me started on immunizations and special education rights. I’m sure there would be tons if I asked for YOUR thoughts. So I’m asking.

I have always tried to see both sides of an argument because there is a truth and right on both sides. I guess high school speech and debate classes WERE useful.

Its getting to where I’m afraid to say anything anymore because someone on the other side will lay into me. Or someone on this side will accuse me of not taking a strong enough stance. There seems to be no winner or right answers anymore. I miss 2+2=4.

  • I’m grateful for the off button. I’m grateful to high school teachers. I’m grateful no one can take my right to think. Yet

Night all. LOVES

Happy? Mother’s Day

11 May

I don’t normally throw someone under the bus on my blog, but today I’m going to. I try hard to only talk about others in a general way so that most people won’t recognize who I’m talking about.  But today I’m super annoyed! None of my children have told me “Happy Mother’s Day today! With the whole quarantine thing, I’m not expecting anything. I usually never expect anything because my birthday is so close. But a phone call would be nice, right? I talked to my stepmother today. I told many people with texts and social media Happy Mother’s Day. But my kids haven’t even done that! With everything else going on in the world, its so hard to find gratitude every day. But here goes anyway. Happy Mother’s Day you all you wonderful people. Make sure to tell YOUR mom’s too!

  • I’m grateful for a fan pointed at me today because its super hot out. I’m grateful to take a nap this afternoon. I’m grateful I have a case of oranges on the counter.

Night all. LOVES

Saturday, May 9, 2020

9 May

Its the first heat wave of the summer and it sucks! My new place is upstairs! Heat rises! I have every single fan but 1 going. And THAT one I think is headed to the fan graveyard. The stand is broken! It only points at the floor.

  • I’m grateful to get most of my puttering around the house done before it got hot today. I’m very grateful to have so many fans. I’m grateful its supposed to rain by Monday!

Night all. LOVES

Friday, May 8, 2020

9 May

There is a side that you show the world, and a side that hides in the corner of your room. That one in the corner is struggling. With life, with Covid 19, with moving, reorganizing the new place, watching my children struggling with all the stuff too. I can understand how someone could have the ideas they get. Not that I’m there, but I can understand. And I can understand the ones on the outside who can’t see into that corner. “They always seemed happy.” “They never said anything.”

They always seem happy because you are seeing the outside view. They never said anything because they ARE hurting and why would they want to have a loved one feel that pain too. Of course they won’t share, even as they know that sharing would make themselves feel better.

That’s why my therapist got a long letter on mychart today. I needed to tell someone. And now I’m saying something here. Now I’m going to turn the music up really loud, crack a book, and eat some ice cream I stole from a child.

  • I’m grateful to accomplish my chores I set before me this morning. I’m grateful for mychart medical messaging while the world is broken. I’m grateful for life.

Night all. LOVES


6 May

Everyone has one. Good, bad, or indifferent. I learned at an early age that sharing an opinion could be powerful. My grandmother was elected to a public office through an opinion piece in the local paper and a write-in campaign. But I also learned that you shouldn’t base your life on other’s opinions. You need to form your own. I’m a firm believer of reading/listening to many opinions and then forming my own.

  • I’m grateful for opinions, whether I agree with them or not. I’m grateful I’m willing to do the research and study to form an opinion I am willing to stand up for. I’m grateful I am not a sheep, just following the crowd and the easy way out.

Night all. LOVES

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

29 Apr

Today I’ve been listening to others speak. Church conference talks, Ted talks, and recovery speakers. Even though they all are speaking about different subjects, they all have something in common. They are offering their experience, strength, hope, and insights to others. It’s why I read blogs and decided to write my own. I get super anxious and nervous standing in front of a crowd. Even if the crowd is people I know. Or only a crowd of 1 or 2. But I CAN speak through my written words. So my blog is a talk giving my experience, strength, hope, and insights to others.

  • I’m grateful I have learned a different way to give my talks. I’m grateful for all the different ways to record the words of myself and others. I’m grateful to all of you for sharing with me and letting me share with you.

Night all. LOVES