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Thursday, November 29, 2018

30 Nov

Just not feeling it today. Mentally, physically and emotionally, I’m just tired of it all. So I’ll post my gratitude and go back to bed.

  • I’m grateful for clean sheets. They make my bed feel fresh and clean. I’m grateful for soft, warm blankets to keep me cozy and warm. I’m grateful my window is open to bring fresh air into my life.

Night all. LOVES


Chicken, Strike 2

29 Nov

The first of the month for my grocery trip, I went to Costco. I generally go every third month or so to stock up on staples. Usually spices, ranch dressing, bananas, and protein drinks.

While I was there, they had chicken thighs 15 pounds for around $20. So I bought some. They have skins and bones but I figured I could peel them and cube it up after I cooked them. So far, both times I’ve cooked them, my new stomach has rebelled. LOUDLY!

I think I’ll try them once more, but I’ll peel the skins off before I cook them. If that doesn’t work, I think one of my neighbors is going to get a great Christmas present. I hate to do it, but if I can’t eat it, I shouldn’t let it take up space in my freezer.

  • I’m grateful that my stomach is happy with a protein shake with a banana tonight. I’m grateful to have some cubed chicken in the fridge tonight. I’m going to try to sneak it into his quesadilla tomorrow. I’m grateful that I’ve learned to cook. And be will to keep trying to make things work.

Night all. LOVES

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

28 Nov

Not feeling good tonight so just gratitude.

  • I’m grateful to get the paperwork in for my recertification and adding a cat to my family for my apartment today. I’m grateful my child can be happy with macaroni and cheese from a box with extra cheese thrown in it. I’m grateful that no matter how yucky I feel, as of this moment, I haven’t thrown up yet.

Night all. LOVES


27 Nov

I learned an interesting lesson today. It wasn’t that it is never a joy to take a surly teenager to an appointment. It wasn’t that at said appointment with a new therapist, said surly teenager won’t say a word. It wasn’t that the local Taco Bell’s lobby was closed because of a ‘staffing issue?’, please use our drive thru. We don’t have a car! It wasn’t that the surly teenager was more surly because Taco Bell is his favorite place to go. It wasn’t that the Walgreens didn’t have any gloves.

Nope, the lesson learned is that its tough to eat fast food when you new stomach doesn’t like food. I don’t like sitting across from someone and watching THEM eat. I had some chicken nuggets and a couple of French fries that I soon threw up. Then came home and took a nap. I’ll try again.

  • I’m grateful my surly teenager finally smiled this afternoon. I’m grateful I had some tuna this evening and it has stayed in. I’m grateful that even with all the setbacks of the day, I can still find something to smile about.

Night all. LOVES

Sunday, November 25, 2018

26 Nov

The ham and bean soup I made yesterday was amazing. It made enough to share with the neighbors. Even with some leftover in the fridge.

But my new stomach isn’t a fan. I think it’s because it hasn’t had to deal with gas yet. I’m going to send the rest of the leftovers to a neighbor. And probably invest in some Beano for the future.

  • I’m grateful to have food to eat. I’m grateful the last of the huge ham is gone. Now I’m back to regular low sodium fare. I’m grateful to have anti nausea and anti gas pills tonight.

Night all. LOVES

Leftover ham and bean soup

24 Nov

My house is smelling amazing this afternoon. I decided it was time to cook the ham bone from last weekend. I had put everything leftover from cooking that night in the freezer.

Early this morning I put the frozen ham bone, the frozen juice from the ham, minus the fat that was on top, and a package of white beans that I soaked overnight in my crock pot. I also added a combination of an onion, the leftover pineapple and juice, the pineapple bits from the pan, and some (about 1/2 cup) brown sugar that I put through the blender. Onions in our house MUST go through the blender if I don’t want rebellion when its time to eat. Stirred it all into the pot with a couple of cups of water to clean the blender out. Added garlic powder, pepper, and some sriracha. Put the lid on, set it on low and left it.

I went in a couple of hours later to check on it. It was STILL cold! I guess it works best if you remember to plug it in. I turned it to high so it will be ready to eat tonight.

  • I’m grateful that I figured out it was unplugged sooner rather than later. It could have been really aggravating to have left for the day and come home to uncooked dinner. I’m grateful to know that a gift is making still ANOTHER meal for myself and probably others. I’m grateful its soup type of weather outside. Making soup in the winter is so much better than doing it in the summer.

Night all. LOVES

Black Friday

23 Nov

Its Black Friday today. Which for some people, its a day to wake up abnormally early and fight your way through massive crowds to spend money on tons of things they think they need.

I don’t usually shop on Black Friday. In fact, I generally treat it like a major holiday where all the stores are closed and I just stay home. I don’t do crowds well. I don’t like to shop. I am a get in and get out shopper.

I did look at the sale ads this year to see if there was anything I couldn’t live without, but I didn’t see anything I was willing to ride public transportation in the rain and fight massive amounts of people for.

  • I’m grateful to be ok with what I have and that my needs are met. I’m grateful to spend the morning hanging out with my youngest before he finally fell asleep after staying up all night. He says he didn’t, but…? I’m grateful for Thanksgiving leftovers. Not many, but delicious.

Night all. LOVES