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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

21 Aug

Its supposed to rain tomorrow and I’m very impatiently waiting. Its hot and muggy today and really uncomfortable without an air conditioner. Feeling a bit annoyed with the apartment management because they took my window unit out. I know that there was a good reason, but I don’t have to like it.

  • I’m grateful for the many fans that are running today. I’m grateful it’s the end of August. Only a couple more months of devilish weather m I’m grateful to be losing weight. Less mass equals less heat.

Night all. LOVES


Migraine again

20 Aug

Just gratitude. I took a migraine pill and I’m going to bed.

  • I’m grateful for medication to help my migraines. I’m grateful insurance pays for part of them. I’m grateful it didn’t get bad until almost bedtime.

Night all. LOVES

Sunday, August 18, 2019

18 Aug

I’m a little over a month away from my first anniversary for my stomach surgery. So I’ve been actively working on changing my diet and weight loss journey for about 18 months. I know I’m slimmer, but I don’t always see it. I see the wrinkles and loose skin and wonder if maybe I looked better before. I get discouraged by not having clothes that fit. And then get discouraged because I really can’t afford new clothes that would fit. There’s always something else that seems to be more important to buy.

Today in church we ralked about being judgemental. And it struck me that I need to be less judgemental of myself. I need to give myself grace. I’ve had some very major changes in my life and I’ve not been giving myself a chance to accept and/or grieve what was before and what has become.

  • I’m grateful to hear something today that gave me pause to stop and think about me. I’m grateful to know that I’m not perfect and that’s ok. I’m grateful to know that through it all, I’m learning something and getting life experiences. And to remember to breathe.

Night all. LOVES

Saturday, August 17, 2019

18 Aug

Just gratitude tonight. Very overwhelmed today.

  • I’m grateful to be home tonight. In my own home, in my neighborhood, with all my amazing neighbors. I was reminded today that it could be so much worse. I’m grateful to remember to eat reasonably healthy at a birthday party this afternoon. I need to really work on drinking more water though. I’m grateful for the relationship I have with my children’s fathers today.

Night all. LOVES

Friday, August 16, 2019

17 Aug

My head hurts tonight. I walked into a cupboard door on my blind side. I’ve been really busy and my eye has been bugging me. It just was a culmination of everything. Now I think I might just go to bed early.

  • I’m grateful for the ride this morning for my last big errand of the month. I’m grateful all my to-do’s got done for the week. I’m grateful I didn’t hurt myself until the end of the day.

Night all. LOVES

Thursday, August 15, 2019

16 Aug

It’s late. It’s hot and muggy. I’m tired and annoyed at life. Just gratitude tonight. Its all I’ve got today.

  • I’m grateful the open hydroflask I dropped tonight was only half full. And I had more ice in the freezer. I’m grateful tomorrow is Friday. Only 1 more day of to-do’s. I’m grateful to start and finish my day with scripture study. It helps me to re-center myself.

Night all. LOVES

More endings ahead

15 Aug

My son had therapy today after having the summer off. His therapist is going a new adventure elsewhere after the end of August. So he gets a new one. We also found out that because he’s soon to be 18 and we are being seen in a children’s officeb we will be transitioning to an adult office in the next 6-9 months. The psychologist is asking the insurance to extend it as long as possible so we have less change all at the same time. He walked in a happy boy and came out a sad, depressed young man. Tough stuff for a 2 hour time span.

But I made sure to tell him that its MY job as the mom to do most of the worrying so that he has as smooth a transition as possible. Lots of breathing and swimming in the future.

  • I’m grateful to have the best therapy office in the city for kids with many life challenges. I’m grateful to be home. He’s upstairs in his room cooling off and probably losing himself in a movie. I’m grateful Slurpees still bring smiles.

Night all. LOVES