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Are you listening when some one is telling you something?

20 Aug

I got up and went to church this morning. Its been a couple of weeks. I really didn’t want to go today either, but as I was sitting there contemplating going back to sleep, a thought popped into my head. “When you don’t want to go is when you need it the most.” Do you think someone was trying to tell me something?

We heard some talks about reading the Book of Mormon and studying the scriptures every day. “We will learn many things as we ponder what we read.” I’ve been reading/listening(you can have a voice read it to you) to a chapter every morning it seems like forever. How many chapters are in it? I’m just now in 3 Nephi, which is a little over halfway, I think? But I just keep going. Do you think someone is trying to tell me something?

The lessons we had in our classes were about the miracles in our lives, the big one and the small ones, and about how our attributes can make us who we are. Something I read as I was thinking about what was said today was about how life is like a roller coaster with ups and downs, fast sections and parts where you seem to almost stop, and then continuing on. I’ve said my life is like a roller coaster for quite a while, so I really got the analogy. I also was thinking about all the miracles in my life. Getting clean, getting my children back, getting my phone back, having food when I know I’m broke, and all the many things that make me grateful every day. Do you think someone has been trying to tell me something?

Am I always listening? I think I’ll try listening more.

  • I’m grateful to know I’m not alone in my journey. I’m grateful that I can listen and understand what is being said. I’m grateful to be able to share with those I’m traveling with on this big blue marble.

Night all. LOVES


1 step closer

19 Jul

I had an appointment with the psychologist at the bariatric clinic today. I spent 2 hours telling him my thoughts, hopes and dreams about life and what I hope to accomplish with this surgery. He gave me ideas, strengths, and encouragement to be able to meet my accomplishment goals.

I need to become a more mindful eater. Saying the alphabet for EVERY bite will help me slow down and pay attention to whether I’m full or not. And will make it easier to eat after my surgery. Stay in contact with my medical professionals and continue to take ALL my medications as prescribed. And to cultivate supports in my circle. The more people who are willing to help, the more successful I will be.

This journey has been worth it. I am starting to like who and what I’m becoming. And I really don’t want to go back to who I used to be.

  • I’m grateful the doctor today was LDS. He used to be a Bishop and now he’s in the Stake presidency. It made many things easier to talk about. I’m grateful I didn’t get caught in the mess of traffic after my appointment. It was mostly a straight shot home. I’m grateful to recover from my panic attack on the streetcar relatively quickly so I could get home in a timely manner.

Night all. LOVES

The still small voice

16 Jul

Today at church we learned about The Holy Ghost and how his still small voice helps you make good decisions. He’s that voice of reason you hear that tells you not to do something that will probably get you in trouble.

But you need to be willing to listen. Its like a line in a movie I watched, “They aren’t really listening. They could go over my daughter’s boombox and they wouldn’t hear it.” I also learned that the more you are willing to listen, the more you will hear.

  • I’m grateful for the still small voice in my life today. I’m grateful for insightful speakers and teachers at church. I’m grateful to see my middle child for about 5 minutes today.

Night all. LOVES

Its pleasant today

2 Jul

I got to sit in the youth Sunday School class today. There’s a new policy at church that there needs to be 2 adults in every class. It was cool to get to learn something from a different perspective.

And I actually spent most of the afternoon outside doing cross stitch. Until the wind kicked up. I didn’t want to chase threads and the stitch guide anymore. All in all, its been a very quiet and peaceful Sunday.

  • I’m grateful to get to church this morning. I’m grateful to talk to my child while he’s at his father’s this afternoon. I’m grateful for carrots and broccoli on my front lawn.

Night all. LOVES


25 Jun

I ate too much at the potluck today. Do NOT try every single item on the table! Even one bite of a gazillion is too much for a shrinking stomach. It doesn’t matter that it was all amazingly delicious.

It’s too hot today. Its 86 on the handy dandy app on my phone. Which is at least 15 degrees warmer than I like.

I’m sneezing too much today. With the warmer weather, the allergy index goes up. Just not a happy camper. So I think I’m going back upstairs to lie down.

  • I’m grateful the neighbor took my leftover green Jello to her house. That is not something I need today. I’m grateful for Tums although I might need some Pepto Bismal too. I’m grateful for amazing talks and lessons at church today. Lots to contemplate as I lie in my misery upstairs.

Night all. LOVES


What to bring to a Potluck

24 Jun

Tomorrow after church, we’re having a potluck. The hardest part of potlucks is figuring out what to bring. Its gotta fit in your budget, be delicious, be interesting, and something that you don’t want to bring any home.

I decided to make a Jello salad/dessert. Never can decide which category Jello falls into. I started with 2 packages of lime Jello because Mormons and green Jello just go together. I added 4 cups of boiling water and stirred for two minutes until it was all dissolved. I even set an alarm so I don’t get bored and quit too early. I really dislike Jello fruit leather on the bottom of the bowl¬†because I didn’t wait until it was all dissolved.

Then I added 14 ice cubes that I made the other day with a packet of True Lime sprinkles and a squeeze of stevia in 32 oz of water. When all the ice cubes melted and it was starting to thicken, I added a little more than half of a container of vanilla yogurt and a container of Cool Whip, stirring until combined.

After letting it chill in the fridge for 30 minutes, I stirred it up again and added two 14 oz cans of pears, drained and chopped into pieces. Combine well and leave in the fridge until tomorrow when I leave for church.

  • I’m grateful to have everything in my kitchen already except the Cool Whip before I started. It fit the budget criteria. I’m grateful the neighbor likes it. That fits the delicious criteria. I’m grateful it also fits the interesting criteria. Hello? Mormons, Jello, Cool Whip, fruit. What’s not interesting about that? I’m hopeful it fits the “I don’t want to bring any home” criteria as well.

Night all. LOVES

Feeling Peaceful

17 Jun

I woke up early, 5am, this morning to go to the temple. After not sleeping much last night. Does anybody remember the Disney commercial where the kids are saying they’re too excited to sleep? Yeah, it was like that.

After spending all morning at the temple, some friends from church took me out to lunch at a fancy restaurant. One with real cloth napkins! I had an amazing roasted Brussels sprouts and endive salad.

Then I came home and took a mom nap. Mom naps are when you close and rest your eyes, but you are still mostly conscious of what’s going on around you. Definitely going to sleep well tonight.

  • I’m grateful that all my hard work led me to where I spent the day. Now on to the next goal. I’m grateful for restaurants with cloth napkins and friends. I’m grateful my son didn’t burn down the house when I left him home alone all day. He slept most of it.

Night all. LOVES