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Too much drama

9 May

I was dinged on Facebook again today. That’s twice in 3 days. I think its time to back off again. Every time I think its safe to go into the water, the sharks are still right there. I don’t understand why I was dinged either. Both posts were something I got from someone else and passed on.

I usually post this blog to Facebook, but if I get thrown in Facebook jail, I won’t be able to. And I probably won’t return when I’m paroled. I know I have numerous friends and family on Facebook and that’s how we keep in touch. I might have to find a new way.

  • I’m grateful I moved my gratitude list from Facebook a long time ago. I’m grateful for appeals, even if I don’t win. I’m grateful to still have a place to share my voice with the world.

Night all. LOVES


And so it begins…

7 May

We had a lovely Spring, all 3 days of it. It’s 75 right now and expected to get hotter by the weekend. I’ve turned the fan on in my room, my son’s room, and the 3 fans downstairs. I’m going to need to rearrange my room to put the a/c in the window. It’s one of those ones that takes up floor space and you run a hose out the window. It doesn’t help that I only have 2, yes TWO outlets in my room! And because its already hot up there, I guess I’m doing it after dark tonight. Good thing that school is closed for the teacher walkout tomorrow!

  • I’m grateful for my fans and to have an a/c upstairs AND downstairs. I’m grateful to have a ton of groceries so we won’t have to leave the house except for his therapy appointment. I’m grateful that I’m not completely broke so I can stop for ice cream at McDonald’s after therapy.

Night all. LOVES

May day protests

1 May

Today’s post is not your happy, touchy-feely post. It’s a staight up rant and if you don’t want to read it, just skip it now.

May 1st has become the International day of protest. I have no idea why. May Day used to be a day of celebrating Spring finally being here. It was celebrated by dancing and singing, listening to great music, eating amazing food, and getting reacquainted with your neighbors after a long dark winter.

Well, today, I’m going to add my protests to the day. It’s payday for those who live on limited incomes. So today starts the monthly juggling act of deciding who gets what and whether you have needs or wants. And how to plan to get through till the 1st of next month.

This month on top of all my regular expenses, I get to add graduation, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, and somewhere in there I’m officially another year older. So do these special days count as needs or wants?

When does a want become a need? My son needs pants. He’s down to only 1 or 2 pair that still fit. I woke up to shredded sheets because they’re old. So do I need new sheets? Or is it a want? Do I buy him pants? Or me pants because I don’t have anything that fits?

His portable charger broke yesterday. Mine broke a couple of months ago. Is replacing them wants or needs?

The cat is sitting here looking daggers at me because she’s out of treats and has to eat her dry cat food. She’s decided she doesn’t like the wet food anymore. I don’t blame her. I get bored eating the same things every single day!

I’m just dejected today. It will probably get better before the day is over. But maybe not? I get to go by the stores today after my son’s therapy and tell my son we can’t stop today because I’m not sure how much month at the end of the money we’ll have.

  • Today, I’m grateful to have something covering both our butts. And the clothes are clean. I’m grateful that my back hurts today so I don’t need to finish washing my clothes in the tub. I can do it tomorrow. I’m grateful to have a sewing box so I can fix my sheets. Tomorrow after I’m calm enough to sit there.

Night all. LOVES

My oven sucks!

17 Mar

My oven has ALWAYS run hot since I moved in. I generally can make it do what I want it to do most of the time. But today it burned 10 cups of homemade granola! I even took it out 20 minutes early. That’s why I usually call my efforts at baking experiments. You never get the same results twice in a row.

The second batch isn’t burnt, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. I think it’s going to end up in no-bake cookies. IF I can figure out a lower sugar version. But THAT is for a different day. I put today’s result in a zipper bag for future use. I’ll figure it out later.

Lesson for the day, don’t experiment if my head isn’t in the game. I know that cooking generally calms the voices, but today they won. Back to a book.

  • I’m grateful. The second batch turned out better than the first. I’m grateful to feed the birds and squirrels burnt oatmeal this afternoon. I’m grateful to have a many coping skills for when the first one doesn’t work.

Night all. LOVES

AND…its gone

11 Feb

Last week the forecast was for another week of winter with several snow storms and intense cold for the next week. There was the usual response to bad weather. A run on the grocery stores for bread, milk, eggs, and for some strange reason, kale. The lines at the gas stations were long and frustrating. Everything was cancelled for the weekend.

Then this morning woke up with the sun shining, all the snow melted and a slight breeze in the air. Just checked the weather report for tomorrow because my child wants to stay up late because there shouldn’t be school tomorrow.

Most forecasts for snow have evaporated. The expected moisture is still headed this way, but the temperatures just aren’t going to cooperate. Just heavy rain for the week. There goes the last reasonably good chance for another snow day this year.

  • I’m grateful for the snow we did get, although I wish it was more. I’m grateful that I have a huge umbrella because I’m going to need it this week. I’m grateful the weatherdudes worked so hard this past week to help get us prepared for a storm, even if it fizzled in the end. I’d rather be too prepared than not at all.

Night all. LOVES

Ranting today!

18 Jan

If you don’t want to read about my opinions and grumbling, you might as well leave now. You have been warned!

This whole government shutdown thing is SO stupid. Each side wants something that is so far from what the other is willing to give and they aren’t willing to budge an inch. Meanwhile, they aren’t the ones suffering from the fallout.

People aren’t getting paid. Maybe losing their housing or utilities. Most likely not eating. And what about car payments and credit card bills or any other assorted things people pay for regularly. And those are just the people who have jobs. Either still working without pay or the ones who are furloughed and have no clue when they will work. And if you’re furloughed, you aren’t going to get back pay.

Then there are those who depend on assistance. I don’t want to hear about “They should get jobs and get off welfare anyway!” either. Some are on disability or aren’t working for whatever reason. Telling them to go get a job won’t do them any good now. Think about it. No food stamps, no WIC, SSI/SSD and cash grants are questionable. How about subsidized housing? What about the working poor who get help with child care costs? There are so many people who are affected by what a few are arguing about.

If our government leaders had a stop payment put on THEIR income, I feel this whole debacle who be solved so quickly your head would spin! They need to quit acting like opposing bullies trying to take control of who plays where at the playground. Especially when I’m trying to figure out how to make my $25 in the bank pay all my bills in two weeks. And still keep milk and cereal in the house in the meantime.

  • I’m grateful that I got my benefits this month. I’m grateful that I have lots of practice making very little stretch really far. I’m grateful that my surgery means I don’t eat as much any more. My child WILL have food!

Night all. LOVES

So annoyed

6 Dec

My son gets disability payments. Part of the plan is that at least every 3 months I’m supposed to meet with someone from the county disability office about his goals. So far I’ve met his current caseworker exactly NEVER! He’s been the caseworker since my son was a sophomore. Some assistant did the paperwork meeting the last 2 years.

This year, someone from the county came to do a recertification and asked how we got along with the caseworker. She was VERY disturbed when I told her I have never met him.

A little less than a week after she was here, I get a phone call from the caseworker wanting to meet. I cleared and rearranged my schedule for him. The morning of the appointment, he calls to cancel. Some sort of medical thing. It’s a good thing we were to meet at my house because it was about 2 hours before the appointment. I would have already been on my way.

We rescheduled for this afternoon. About 45 minutes before our meeting he calls to cancel again. This time his child is sick. That family seems to be having a tough couple of months medically.

I think I probably wouldn’t be as annoyed as I am if I didn’t know he only trying to not get in trouble with his boss. I realize that things come up. I really understand! But at the moment, its a good thing he didn’t call back like he was supposed to. Just breathe! I’ll be less annoyed tomorrow.

  • I’m grateful this appointment was set at the house. If I had to go out in the cold and then have it cancelled I probably wouldn’t be as understanding as I am. I’m grateful that my house is clean enough for people to come by. I’m grateful I can work on letting it go. I’m nowhere near as angry now as I was earlier.

Night all. LOVES