Getting back on the bus

14 Nov

My child had an appointment this morning so he’s home for the rest of the day. That happens when you ride the bus. By the time he got to school after, it would be almost time to come home. It wouldn’t be bad if they weren’t at a temporary building while theirs is being rebuilt. Its an hour in traffic by car. Sometimes almost 2 by bus.

The other problem with the bus is it isn’t door-to-door service. Usually at least 2-3 blocks to the bus stop. But sometimes as many as 6-8, sometimes more. That’s lots of walking for someone still recovering from major surgery. I’m used to puttering around the house and yard. Long bus rides haven’t been on my radar since September.

I’m so tired and everything hurts. I wonder if he will mind cereal for dinner? Because I’m not sure I’m up to cooking. Good thing I have some hard boiled eggs in the fridge. I know its definitely naptime.

  • I’m grateful to make it to the appointment AND home. I’m grateful I don’t need to go anywhere else today. I’m grateful to realize I needed to cancel an appointment for later this week. There’s no way I could do 2 in one day.

Night all. LOVES


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