Veterans Day

12 Nov

I am so grateful to all the veterans who at one time or another gave everything they had to fight for my freedom. Especially the ability to share my thoughts and feelings when something really annoys me.

Yes, I know yesterday was technically Veterans Day. But some government officials decided ALL holidays should fall on Mondays. I’m waiting for them to get enough umph behind The Fourth of July, Christmas, and Thanksgiving to change THEM too.

Some other enterprising people decided that since nobody is at work on holidays, they should be shopping. So they have HUGE sales on everything. Maybe even their mother & their children?

So now we have holidays that aren’t really holidays and sales that make ME want to stay as far away from stores as possible. I wish my local grocery store was open in the middle of the night so I don’t have to have people everywhere while I’m in the store.

So on this day where we should be honoring those who live and die for our country, people are deciding if the blue or pink sweatshirt would go better with those purple pants.

  • I’m grateful to those in all branches of the military who are always on the front lines at home and abroad to make this country the land of the free and the home of the brave. I’m grateful to live in this country. I’m grateful for firefighters and other first responders who spend long, hard hours protecting our homes and people.

Night all. LOVES


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