Sunday November 11, 2018

12 Nov

I heard such amazing, profound stuff in church this morning, but I can’t remember what any of it was. My ‘CRS’ disease is flaring tonight. You know the ‘Can’t remember stuff’ disease. I barely remembered my mealtime meds at lunch today. I gotta set more alarms. Good thing I got the paid app. No ads and unlimited alarms.

  • I’m grateful I stayed until the end of church today. First time since surgery I haven’t gone home early. I’m grateful to get all my wintertime woobies out of storage yesterday. We now have blankets everywhere. I’m grateful the furnace guys are coming this week. I’m going to ask them to check my thermostat. I’m having difficulty regulating my temperature since surgery. All the insulating fluffiness is going away.

Night all. LOVES



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