Meals on Wheels

18 Jul

Because my son has special needs, we qualify for the Meals on Wheels for Kids program. They bring us little TV dinner things once a week. We get 14. 2 of us, 7 days a week. They help so much with my food budget! They are nutritious, kid sized portions. It’s like getting school lunch to go. At least the main dish and vegetables part. We also get a 5 lb bag of fruit, a loaf of bread, and a gallon of 1% milk.

My son doesn’t like them and refuses to eat them. So I eat them and fix him something from his list of foods that he will eat. It’s not that hard to throw something in the microwave.

I’ve started making bigger batches and packaging it in serving size portions that he can microwave on his own. He seems to be doing well at trying to feed himself.

  • I’m grateful to have gotten those 14 packages of food this morning. I had fish for breakfast and spaghetti for dinner. I’m grateful to my friend for taking me to the doctor this afternoon. And stopping at McDonald’s for lunch. I’m grateful to take a nap in an air-conditioned room after my appointment. I think my headache is thinking of going away. The medicine is finally starting to work.

Night all. LOVES


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