Summer vampires

17 Jul

I think my son and I have embraced our inner vampires. We sleep during the day and stay up half the night. Although he’s awake longer than I am.

The weather has lots to do with it. It’s easier to stay inside with the air conditioning and take a nap than go outside when it’s hot. We wait and go outside when it’s cooler in the evening.

Today he didn’t get up until around 4 pm. He didn’t go to sleep until almost 4. So he had 12 hours of sleep. He’s outside at the moment. It’s 7:30 pm. And only because I made him go out.

I went to bed at 2 am at woke up at 6 am. And took a nap around 10 for an hour or so.

I suppose next week or so we’ll need to start switching back to “normal” time. Does anyone else have summer hours and winter hours?

  • I’m grateful to have this opportunity to just enjoy the summer with my kid. I won’t always have this. I’m grateful I’m getting a ride to the doctor tomorrow. Wasn’t looking forward to a bus with a headache. I’m grateful we are getting along so well lately.

Night all. LOVES


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