9 Jul

The boy and I have been lazy today. All the stress of the last week or so has caught up with us. He has slept all day and I haven’t been very productive either.

I wonder sometimes if our needing each other is unhealthy? If we’re apart too long we both tend to stumble. Usually the first day when he comes back from his Dad’s is spent sleeping. Especially him. It’s almost as if he can finally relax once he’s home. His father’s house IS very chaotic and stressful. And very noisy! I know that when he’s home, I don’t spin as much. I think the needing to be responsible for someone else makes me more in control of myself. And our house is usually quieter. I do know that I don’t worry as much when he’s home.

  • I’m grateful to have my child home. I’m grateful to make some yummy ramen soup for dinner. I’m grateful that we are both starting to relax and breathe easier.

Night all. LOVES




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