8 Jul

Whenever I have been in a really bad place, whether physically or mentally, the missionaries show up at my door.

If I was doing something that I shouldn’t be doing, I would see them on a corner or at the store. If I was really struggling, they would knock on the door. It always made me feel good to know that they were always around.

But, I didn’t always talk to them. Sometimes I would turn and go the other way. Or not answer the door. I was never mean or rude to them, but not always welcoming and friendly.

Yesterday, I was having a terrible day! I was spinning and just making myself more and more agitated. And then there’s a knock on the door. It’s the missionaries. They just had the urge that they needed to stop by. I couldn’t let them in because I was home alone, but we talked at the doorway for a little bit and we said a prayer, then left. I had such peace afterwards.

All those times I saw the missionaries, it was my Heavenly Father calling out and reminding me that it was time to come home. But I never listened because I didn’t think I was worthy to. I had done so much that there was no way to come back from it. I realized last night that He still loves me and wants me. That’s why He kept sending me reminders.

  • I’m so grateful that I decided to finally listen to him calling. I am extremely grateful that The Atonement means I CAN come home. I’m grateful to missionaries who listen to the promptings they get. He really is in charge.

Night all. LOVES


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