6 Jul

It’s really sad when walking upstairs to the bedroom or downstairs to the laundry room it takes me up to 5 minutes to breathe normally again.

Or walking across the street becomes a really sad game of Frogger. You know when the frog always gets squashed.

Or standing and doing dishes for 20 minutes means I’m crying by the time I’m done because it hurts so much!

I need to find a way to move more! I don’t feel safe walking around the block. And I’m too self-conscious to walk around the courtyard.

I always have big ideas. I’m going to go walk the mall or I’ll buy a Richard Simmons DVD. But I rarely do. I know it takes commitment. I just can’t find that spark inside of me. But I will continue looking.

  • I’m grateful to my son for taking me to get a money order. Hense, the frogger comment. I’m grateful I brought half my dinner home for lunch tomorrow! I’m grateful didn’t lose anything or knocked anything over while out and about because I kept trying! I’m thing I should get carabiner piercings so I can just attach everything to me.

Night all. LOVES


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