Forgetting sucks!

6 Jul

I have been forgetting way too much stuff lately! I’m forgetting important meetings and appointments. I’m forgetting where I’m putting things. Whether or not I’m taking my meds when I need to. And it’s making me crazier than normal.

I’ve always been a little spacey. It was my nickname in school. But this lately is getting out of hand. And it’s scary. What if I forget to turn a burner or the oven off. I’ve quit cooking except for the microwave. It automatically shuts off. What if I put my keys or my wallet down somewhere outside and walk off. Another reason I’m afraid to leave the house. I know I’m setting way more alarms than I used to. Now I just need to remember what they’re for.

It was annoying, but cute when I started to forget how to spell words. Or even the words themselves. But it’s not cute anymore! And it’s beyond annoying!

I keep thinking back to my mom losing things all the time. And how forgetful she was. We always laughed at her when she couldn’t find her glasses because they were on her head. Or when we bought her the whistle fob for her keys. But now I wonder if I should have listened more. That maybe it’s something genetic.

I have an appointment with the doctor next week. I just talked to the nurse and she’s calling me that morning to remind me in case I forget. And I think I’m changing my alarm to something new so I pay attention to it.

  • I’m grateful the nurse called me today and we had a good chat. I hope going next week helps. I’m grateful that my cellphone has unlimited alarms available. My old phone only had 10. I’m grateful that I haven’t forgotten this yet. And I don’t want to.

Night all. LOVES


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