Fourth of July

5 Jul

Today is the celebration of a birth of a nation 241 years ago. There are BBQs and picnics. Fireworks and parties. Sober events and some definitely not sober events. But there are also those who shy away from the day for one reason or another. I have a cousin who celebrates his birthday today. It was also my grandmother’s birthday.

I’m one of those that aren’t really thrilled with the day. There’s too much going on for my peace of mind. And definitely too much noise. The fireworks give me a headache and panic attacks. So I’ve been watching movies today. With my headphones on. I’ve watched The Queen with Helen Mirren. And the Titanic. Hard to believe that was 20 years ago. I think I’m going to look for Independence Day next. I want to watch Will Smith beat the aliens.

I also think about those that aren’t here anymore. Even after all this time, some minor thing just jumps out and grabs you by the neck and you’re right back in the middle of when they left. And it hurts all over again. It never gets better. But it does get different and that can be a good thing at times.

  • I’m grateful to born in this country that so many have spent lifetimes trying to get here. I’m grateful that it’s okay to be weird and different and just who I am. I’m grateful that tomorrow is a new day. I can start over.

Night all. LOVES


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