3 Jul

At church today we talked about what kind of woman you want to be and how to get there and how everyone is different and has different issues but we can all be the same. Although that seems like two completely different concepts, I feel they are closely related.

I know that my life and my challenges are mine and mine alone. I also know that I have to act and be a certain way to get to the destination I want to end up in. But I also know that there are many who are headed the same direction as me and we can help each other along the way.

I know that I am doing different things than I used to because I decided to take a different route. I didn’t like the road I was on. Although both are bumpy in spots, the one I’m on now has people trying to help me past the bumps instead of those that used to keep throwing roadblocks in front of me and digging more holes in the road.

  • I’m grateful to have changed my route and to meet the many diverse people who are willing to help me today. I’m grateful to get a bunch of skirts today so I don’t need to wear the same dress every Sunday. I’m grateful that changing my route and destination has also helped change my attitude and outlook on life.

Night all. LOVES


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