A bad day

2 Jul

I woke up feeling miserable and with a headache this morning. I haven’t had one this bad in a while. But it brings up the question, why can’t I ever get two good days in a row?

Although yesterday started out rough, it ended great. I took myself to dinner and a meeting. Had a great time hanging out with friends. A came home and went to sleep. After getting stuck in a traffic jam of bicycles. Blocks and blocks of bicycles. Sat there for almost 20 minutes!

But I woke up early this morning with one of those head-squeezing headaches. And it hasn’t went away! I just took some extra strength naproxen that will hopefully help. Then I can end today on a positive note. And have a good day tomorrow.

  • I’m grateful my doctor gave me a prescription for naproxen for when the pain gets bad. I’m grateful tomorrow is Sunday. I’m grateful I can still read without my headache. What am I saying? I read when my eyes were dilated at the eye doctor’s. I’m taking a book or two with me when I go. Or I’m haunting a library.

Night all. LOVES


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