A week and a half

30 Jun

My son and his other family left this morning. At o’dark thirty! Why do vacation trips always start at 4am? It means I’m really tired today! It also means I have the next week and a half to myself!

I plan on getting in some meetings, cleaning house, and getting lots of sleep!

Do you ever really “catch up” on lost sleep? Isn’t it like lost and wasted time? Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. I’m not sure, but I’m going to be doing plenty of research on the subject.

I’m also going to work on my house and keep decluttering and cleaning. My housing inspection is in less than a month. And somebody had to remind me that there will be an inspection BEFORE the inspection so everything that’s been let slide for the last year can be fixed. Sigh! At least it will be easier to throw stuff out without my son “rescuing” it. As long as I don’t either.

  • I’m grateful that they got off safely this morning. They should be close to being there. I’m grateful to get some time to be responsible for just me. Although it’s really quiet and I miss him already. I’m grateful for the nap I’m about to take so I can stay awake to go to a meeting tonight. At least it’s on my to-do list.

Night all. LOVES


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