Finding topics

29 Jun

I’ve been doing this for a little over 6 months now and it’s different that just writing a few sentences on a Facebook post. I have to pick a topic every day. And a title. And hopefully the topic and the title are compatible. And I don’t want to be repetitive with either. The whole idea of a gratitude list is to remind me to be grateful of everything. The big things and the little things. Maybe especially the little things.

Like today. My child went on the Tram today even when he was scared because we would be late to go back around to catch the bus.

We were able to have a really nice day because I had saved money for it all month. It made some of those pb&j sandwiches worth it. Although there ain’t nothing wrong with pb&j! We had enough for breakfast and lunch and a surprise.

Portland has an awesome transportation system. There are buses, light rail, street cars, and the Tram to get you around the city. I was able to catch a bus, go one stop to the transit center, walk across the street to get the bus going the way I wanted. All because my feet hurt and I was too tired to walk 3 blocks uphill to get the other bus stop.

I get to sit here listening to a playlist I made on YouTube while I write.

My child is perfectly fine with fend for yourself nights after a long, tiring day.

Those are just some of the things I noticed today as we went about our business that I wanted to write about. What are you grateful for today?

  • Today, I’m grateful that we stopped to notice a beautiful ¬†moth walking across the sidewalk. Have no idea why? I’m grateful the weather wasn’t extremely hot. I actually wore a jacket most of the morning. I’m grateful to come home and get in the shower with hot and cold running clean water because I was stinky and sticky after all our adventures today.

Night all. LOVES


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