Cleaning tornadoes

27 Jun

The other day when my friend moved, she left me a cabinet to use as a pantry. It’s about 4 feet high by 3 feet wide and about 18 inches deep. It has 3 shelves on one side and 2 on the other. She says she didn’t want to move it.

I have been using my table for pantry storage since I moved in. It’s a huge 4×6 foot oak? table. Takes up all but a walkway on one side of my dining room. I want it gone! But if it went away, where would I put the crap that’s on, under and around it? That’s why my friend gifted my the cabinet.

So today I spent part of the day cleaning off the table and putting stuff away in the cabinet. It’s looking great!

But in between the table and the cabinet is this area that has all the other junk that needs to be taken care of. You know you don’t put things away when you have a flat spit to put them on. I had paper bags, cardboard boxes, groceries I forgot I had because I couldn’t see them. Then there were empty cans the children left, because why turn around to the recycling bin when you can set it on the table?

So now my dining room and kitchen floor looks like a tornado went through. I haven’t yet figured out a way to sort/clean/put away stuff without leaving a pile of other stuff left behind. Am I the only one who does this?

I realize I am a hoarder. But I’m trying to decluttering and clean out my house. It’s just so hard when you seem to make it worse before it gets better.

  • I’m grateful to have a cabinet instead of a table top to store things. I’m grateful to have most of the hard work done. I’m grateful that I’m committed to continue decluttering and downsizing my house and life.

Night all. LOVES


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