Genealogy is cool!

26 Jun

First thing every morning, I check my email. Mostly to throw everything into the trash file. I think 95% of my email is junk. But every once in a while, something cool comes along.

Today? It was something about my grandpa’s grandpa! His name was Thomas Callister, and he was born in the Isle of Mann. He was a member of the first wagon train of 1847 to enter the Salt Lake valley. He brought his two wives and baby daughter with him. He went on a mission to England when he was 54, leaving his wives and children in Millard Utah for the year he was gone. My grandmother was his third wife and THEY had 12 kids. I still need to find out how many kids he had all together.

I just think it is so cool to see this information. There was even a picture. He looks like my Dad! I can’t wait to do more exploring to find out more of my ancestors lives and travels.

  • I’m grateful to see how I came to be here. I’m grateful that signed up for this site a couple of years ago when I was bored. I’m grateful that I get to start in the middle of doing all this work. It’s just never-ending!

Night all. LOVES


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