Who we come from

23 Jun

Tonight while cooking dinner, I shredded my thumb when I should have been doing potatoes. So my son had to help me cook. After he went and got the Band-Aids and rubber gloves (Band-Aids and human blood DO NOT mix well with dinner).

While he was browning the hamburger and potatoes, I told him that my potatoes wouldn’t taste like Dad’s even though we were using Dad’s recipe. I told him that his dad learned to make fried potatoes from his mom. And she made the best fried potatoes I ever had that weren’t in a restaurant. I can’t match it.

He wanted to know what I can cook well. I make killer chicken and homemade noodles. And my  baking experiments are amazing.

I told him as he got older and learned to cook more, he will learn things from both of his parents that he will go on to teach others. That’s how those that have passed on can stay with us forever.

His fried potatoes and hamburger turned out really good. Not as crispy as his Dad’s but pretty good. He’s doing great in the learning to cook process.

  • Today I’m really grateful that I “appropriated” Band-Aids last time I was at the doctor’s office. I’m grateful that we were able to talk about his grandma without tears. It’s the first time since she died a year ago. I’m grateful that his hamburger and fried potatoes was good. He feels so proud of himself because there are no leftovers!

Night all. LOVES


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