Summer project

20 Jun

I think if you have a project to work on over the summer, whenever the words “I’m bored” comes up, you can do something on the project list.

Our summer project this year is to get our house ready for a big inspection in July. I figure we can do a little bit each day.

We’re starting in the child’s room. There is way to much stuff in there! So we’re finding homes in the room for some, and homes somewhere else for others.

Today was going through all the stuffies and making the beds. He has so many that they get their own bed. That’s why we had to make the bed. I must say it looks pretty good. I told him if it gets messed up between now and then, they WILL be finding new homes.

We also finished moving the furniture around. That has been a month-long process. Now his television isn’t in front of the window. He couldn’t watch it because the sun was always in his face.

I sometimes that my child was more neurotypical. It gets difficult when all the stuffies have names and backstories. And that he would sleep with sheets. And less than 6 pillows that must be placed just so. And change sends him into panic mode. But I don’t. So I learn to do what I can with what I got. And give him lots of heads-up when things have to change.

  • Today I’m grateful that the room is getting there. A step at a time. I’m grateful that I have learned ways to get things done and still work around his peculiarities. I’m grateful the inspection is next month instead of this one!

Night all. LOVES


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