The Summer Rules

17 Jun

Yesterday was the last day of school here. They went really late this year because of a lot of snow days over the winter. Today was the normal first day of summer. Sleep all day and do nothing. I didn’t mind much. I still remember that first day of summer way back when. Barely!

I figure tomorrow starts the summer. And I’m of the firm opinion of “start as if you mean to go on”. In other words. Today was a freebie. Tomorrow the rules start.

  1. Bedtime at my house is 10:30. I don’t care what time bedtime at dad’s or anywhere else is.
  2. You will NOT sleep all day. Everyone MUST be awake AND UP by noon.
  3. Because I can’t leave you home alone, you will accompany me to ALL appointments and at least one meeting a week willingly.
  4. You will do your chores without complaining.

I’m sure more will come up as we go along, but I think this is a good start. Especially because he agreed with me. I’m writing them up for on the wall tomorrow after I find all our fancy colored markers that didn’t make it to school this year.

  • I’m grateful school is over until fall. Now to shut the alarms off so I can sleep until noon tomorrow. I’m grateful that when I remember to talk to him and not AT him, he’s more willing to do what is needed. I’m grateful I remembered it is Friday today. And made my appointment this morning.

Night all. LOVES


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