14 Jun

Thirty years ago, whenever the firetrucks went out, we would usually follow it to see where it went. Because it was a volunteer fire department in a small town, we usually knew who was involved. It didn’t matter if it was the first responders or the victims. You knew them and wanted to help in some way. Even if it was helping the cleanup. More than once, I’ve helped clean up trash and garbage after an accident. You wouldn’t believe how much garbage paramedics can generate. Even for a minor issue. We used to joke that we were ambulance chasers.

Then I moved my family to the big city. I didn’t follow the sirens so much. Mostly because there were too many, too often. It didn’t seem to be that big of deal because I usually didn’t know the person involved.  So I became a virtual voyeur of accidents. I would watch the news stations all the time. I had to see what was happening.

Now if I hear sirens, instead of going to help, I will go the other way because I don’t want to be in the way. And it’s frequently become a situation that the professionals really don’t want you around because so much is going on, they don’t need you in the way.

And I’ve turned off the news. And I don’t like to watch the videos that are everywhere. All the time. It has become overwhelming.

Is that why there is so much violence in the world today? I think that maybe we’ve become jaded. We don’t know those people involved so it’s become something to avoid. If we were more involved in our communities and neighbors, we would be more willing to get involved? It’s something think about.

  • Today I’m grateful I’m getting more involved in my community and trying to know my neighbors. I’m grateful to those who are first responders for all the good they do. I’m grateful that I haven’t been touched by violence in a long time. But I’m sending out positive thoughts to all those that are.

Night all. LOVES


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