He starts NOW!

13 Jun

Every day that I have been able, I ask my son, “What did you do at school today?” And every day he doesn’t say a word. Or shrugs his shoulders and mumbles, “nuthin”. It’s so frustrating.

Today when he came home from school, I asked if he had any tests today. It’s finals week. He answered, “in Math, we watched a movie. The Secret Life of Pets.”

So I asked THE question. And he answered! School is over in 3 days! The end of his Sophomore year. He finally answers me. We have a conversation. A small one, but an actual conversation.

I’m torn between being really excited and being sad. Because I’m afraid it will never happen again!

  • I’m grateful for that little  3 sentence conversation after school with my son. The one who doesn’t like to talk unless it’s dark and nobody can look at him. I’m grateful I remembered to keep asking with hope he would answer one day. I’m grateful my faith is still strong as I continue this parenting journey.

Night all. LOVES


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