9 Jun

I went on an adventure today with my middle child, a neighbor, and her daughter. It started as just a quick trip to the pharmacy, but quickly turned into a roadtrip.

We stopped at a gas station, then went to Dutch Bros. I wasn’t thinking and ordered a small freeze. Chocolate salted caramel, no coffee, with whipped cream. Next time I’m going to have to order the smaller one and get sugar-free, dairy-free.

Headed across town to the pharmacy, it’s inside the doctor’s office, I used the chicken handle so many times, I’m surprised it’s still there. My child drives like his father!

Since I bought Dutch Bros, my friend bought Wendy’s. I finally checked my blood sugar and took some insulin. I think it was too little, too late. I’ve been sick since I came home. A nap hasn’t even helped much.

I had a huge salad for dinner and I’m hoping the insulin I just took will help. But I think it’s going to be tomorrow until I’m feeling chipper again.

  • I’m grateful to get my medicine today. Now I can refill my daily pill minders. I’m grateful to get out and about today. But I’m really glad to be home. I’m grateful to realize that I’m not young and stupid anymore. I learn from my mistakes.

Night all. LOVES


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