Sick kids

7 Jun

I have a sick kid in the recliner under the A/C this evening. I hate it when my kids are sick. You can’t fix it and they are usually obnoxiously whiny.

He spent the weekend at his dad’s and I guess his baby brother was sick all weekend. Of course he had to share with his favorite(only) big brother. I’m pretty sure the 4 hours he spent in the back seat of the car during the drive home didn’t help. There was a major crash on the freeway that backed up traffic for miles and added about 2 hours to their trip.

I just want to know why you get whiny and grumpy when you’re sick? It seems to affect the male of the species most. Haven’t you ever noticed that a pretty competent person forgets how to even refill a glass of water when they’re sick? I know, I do it too. But I’m the Mom, so I still GET to do all the stuff moms do. Because moms CAN’T BE SICK!

I’m being summoned to make him some more jello water. 1 tablespoon of jello powder in a cup of almost boiling water and stir. Drink while warm. Don’t know why it helps, but it does. I learned from my mother-in-law.

  • I’m grateful that he’s home even if he’s sick. As much as I can’t wait for him to go, I’m always glad when he comes home. I’m grateful I had some jello in the cupboard left from last he was sick. Zipper bags are the world’s greatest invention! I’m grateful his temperature is below 100. Maybe he’ll get to go back to school on Thursday. He threw up at school today, so he needs to stay home for 24 hours without doing it again. And he can’t have a fever.

Night all. LOVES


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