Shopping sucks!

6 Jun

I hate shopping! Any shopping, especially for clothes. But a close second is grocery shopping.

The first week of the month is always my least favorite time. I have to pay bills and buy groceries. I think the grocery trip is my least favorite. Deciding how healthy I need to be while also being as frugal as I can be always gives me a headache. So I buy the lean hamburger or the tasteless chicken burger? Do I buy the fresh broccoli or the frozen? Do I get chunky or creamy peanut butter this month? And always stay under budget.

I use food stamps for part if my grocery budget and that adds another layer to my shopping trip. You get those people that look at you because you’re buying the more expensive chicken sausage instead of the pork byproduct sausage. I’m buying it because it’s better for me not because it’s more expensive. My one indulgence is sparkly water. I don’t drink soda anymore unless that is all that is available. I’ll pick regular water first. I can’t really drink juice anymore either because it spikes my blood sugar. But I really like the sparkly water. It’s my soda. So why do people feel the need to say something about buying it?

Why does anyone think that because I get food stamps they can tell me what I should or shouldn’t buy? If my grocery budget is actually less than yours, it shouldn’t matter what I’m buying.

  • Today I’m grateful to have groceries in my cupboards. I’m grateful I didn’t go off on the lady behind me mumbling about what I’m buying. I’m grateful my salad for dinner was amazing!

Night all. LOVES


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