Dinner for 1?

3 Jun

My child went to his father’s this weekend. It’s nice because he hasn’t seen him in almost a month because of one reason or another. He’s happy and I’m happy because we both needed a break from each other.

So here I sit with a whole weekend to myself and it’s payday. So why am I not exactly thrilled? Have you ever ate alone? Why make an effort to make nutritious, healthy food for just yourself when a TV dinner is way easier. The only delivery in the neighborhood is Pizza Hut. I really shouldn’t eat a whole pizza all by myself.

What about going out by yourself? You never get the good seat. “Excuse me, Ma’am, would you mind sitting at the counter so we can save our tables for groups?” I’m not sure what’s worse, the condescending Ma’am or the fact that I really dislike climbing onto a bar stool. Have you ever seen a fat, old lady trying to climb on a bar stool gracefully? Yeah, me neither.

And the thing with either the TV dinner, pizza, or going out to eat is they both are cost prohibitive. Especially if we would like to eat something besides chili near the end of the month. Although the child wouldn’t mind that at all.

So what do you eat when you’re the only one eating? I know my aunt delivered dinner to my grandmother every night, but that was only blocks away. And my grandkids are both under 2. They ain’t driving anywhere soon.

I guess I’m having one if the meals on wheels for disabled kids that I get and put in the freezer every week. Frozen school lunch is so appetizing!

  • I’m grateful to have those frozen school lunches in my freezer because my grocery budget is happy to have them. I’m grateful to it’s almost grocery day to refill the pantry. I’m grateful my friend took me out for outrageously priced ice cream this afternoon. It makes eating in tonight less of a bother.

Night all. LOVES


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