1 Jun

My son had an IEP today. At least a partial one. We just talked about what are his options are for classes next year.

I wanted to have at least an idea so he would be better prepared for the new school year. His high school is moving campuses next year because they are redeveloping the current one.

We decided that he will get 4 classes he likes(audio engineering, computer science, robotic engineering, and math)  if he will do well in the 4 classes that aren’t his favorites(reading, writing, social studies, and science). I’m so excited he loves math!

I haven’t decided if I’m happy with the rest of it yet. It’s definitely one of those wait and see things.

  • Today I’m grateful to have his teachers mostly on the same page. I’m grateful to have gotten a ride today. Still wary of public transportation. I’m grateful we went out to dinner. No cooking or dishes!

Night all. LOVES


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