Memorial Day

30 May

Today is Memorial Day here in the United States. It’s a day we remember all those who gave their lives for this country to have the freedoms we have.

I remember when I was a kid, going to help my grandmother decorate graves of every soldier she knew of. We usually went to the different cemeteries in the area. There were so many because she lived through the war and some never came home. She also made sure that we did the graves of those that seemed to have been forgotten.

I remember the first Memorial Day after my daughter died going to the cemetery. It was so moving to walk up and down the rows of all those who had given their lives for me to be here. She had been buried in a small section on a local military cemetery. I always thought it was special for my child to be guarded by all those men after she died.

Now Memorial Day is just a holiday to be off work or school and to start the summer. I don’t see much patriotism like I did when I was younger and it makes me sad. I know that part of that is my fault because I’ve been so complacent in my life. I need to fix that.

  • Today I’m grateful to all those who serve every day in the Armed Forces. I’m grateful to live in this country that was forged in the blood of my ancestors. I’m grateful for the freedom of speech and my ability to share my thoughts here.

Night all. LOVES


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