6 months

23 May

I’ve been doing this blog for 6 months and thought I would check in. When I started this blog, I had been putting my gratitude list on Facebook for over 6 years already and I thought this would be an easy transition. But it’s not always easy. Some days it’s really hard to write things down. I might be feeling crappy and don’t want to share my bad moods. Some days I have a really hard time thinking of things to write about. Some days, it feels like the simple task of typing in my name is a chore.

But I do it anyway. I’ve learned that if I state what I’m grateful for every single day, even on those dark days, I have something positive to think about. Then there are the days where amazing, astonishing things happen and I truly want to share with the world.

Going back and reading what has gone before is an adventure because I get to relive that day all over again. And good or bad, I always have a different perspective on what has gone before. And rereading reminds me to remember what is really important.

  • Today I’m grateful to have written about it for 6 months. And shared it with the world. I’m grateful to keep going even when I don’t want to. Or can’t think of anything I think is important to say. I’m grateful to realize that everything can be something important to someone.

Night all. LOVES


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