22 May

We had a potluck after church today. My stomach is still full. One thing about a church potluck that is universal is that if you go home hungry, it’s your own fault.

Our ward is a mixed English/Spanish ward. So we get to mix language and culture, especially at our church functions. Getting a taste of everyone’s special recipes is amazing.

Today, the big thing was one of the Latina ladies brought 2 huge jugs of horchata. It was awesome! I don’t think they took any home. There was also salads, and casseroles, and lots of cookies, donuts, and my son’s favorite, chocolate pudding. My favorite was the spaghetti and mini meatballs. Probably because I don’t get spaghetti often at home. Spaghetti is NOT a single person friendly meal.

So what is your favorite potluck dish to eat? To bring? Needing ideas for the next one. And my son says I need to be on the lookout for vegetarian/vegan options besides just salad. I need to be more inclusive.

  • Today I’m grateful to bring my almost empty casserole dish home full of little bits and bites of other’s cooking. I’m grateful to not have to cook tonight. It’s way too hot. I’m grateful for church potlucks because I was able to get my child to go with me today. Told him it’s the only way he would eat tonight.

Night all. LOVES


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