20 May

My son has been blessed with mothers. There’s his step-mother, who takes him into her home almost every other weekend. He has me, who would do anything for him to be happy.

And then there’s his foster mother. This woman took my child into her home and gave him love and care when I was to far gone to do it myself. I always say that I hit the foster parent jackpot when “Sissy” came into our lives. My son calls her that because he says she’s not old enough to be a mom. Besides he already had one. She took in a little boy with multiple issues and strikes against him. The foster mother before brought him back to the office for a visit and said she didn’t want him anymore because he was too much trouble.

But Sissy took him. And made him hers. The growth lines are still on her wall even though he’s been home with me for years. She comes and takes him for an overnighter or at least a dinner and a movie every other month or so. More than once, when she was dropping him off for a visit with me, she brought groceries because she knew I didn’t have any. She buys him school clothes and shoes. Christmas and birthday presents. And she never makes me feel less than because I couldn’t be his mom when she could. I love her more than I can ever express.

  • I’m grateful to Sissy for loving our son enough to let him come hometo me. I’m grateful that she is willing to still be a constant in his life. I’m grateful that my child has someone he loves to be with if I’m not there.

Night all. LOVES


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