I am a hoarder

18 May

The title for today says it all. I know I’m a hoarder. And I’m passing it on to my children. My son’s room is full of stuff. You get through by walking on paths. My room is close.

Why is it so hard to throw things away? It gives me a stomach ache just thinking about it right now. I get an anxiety attack when I carry the garbage bags up the stairs. When I throw things away, I have to do it the night before the garbage guys come and lock myself in the house so I’m not tempted to go “rescue” something I might need in the future.

I have started over so many times in my life that I’m contemplating just throwing EVERYTHING away and starting over because then I get over the emotional baggage all at once instead of dragging it out. I’m good at starting over. I’m not good at getting rid of stuff I don’t need. Maybe I’m good at starting over because then I don’t have to throw anything away. I need to keep everything because I have nothing.

I need help! And I don’t know how to start. I’m not sure what to bet out of this to be grateful for but here goes.

  • I’m grateful the maintenance guy put new blinds in even though I didn’t ask for them. I’m grateful to realize that’s need help. I’m grateful I’m strong enough to ask for help.

Night all. LOVES


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