Mother’s Day

14 May

Today is Mother’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate motherhood. We all have one. Some of us are one. And there are others who would give anything to be one.

I’ve been thinking about MY mother so much this week. I usually do because my birthday is always within a week of Mother’s Day. So I think about how my life changed my mother’s. And also how my children have changed mine.

My first son was born when I was 21. My last son was born when I was 35. Between, I had a daughter, buried her, and had another son. That’s a total of four kids. With lots of interesting life in between.

I’ve always called my last two gifts from God because they were both unexpected. I won’t say they were mistakes or accidents because they aren’t. How could anyone go through life thinking they were a mistake? I have done enough damage and I didn’t feel I needed to add more.

I hope that today, as you think about the mothers around you, that you also think about the children that made them mothers. Offer them compassion and love. And tell the mothers and children that you love them.

  • I’ve always been grateful that my mother always told me she loved me. Even when she was mad at me. Because there were times that I was a very challenging child. I’m grateful that Heavenly Father saw fit to trust me with four beautiful children to raise to adulthood. I hope he knows I’ve done my best with what I had at the time. I’m also grateful that Heavenly Father decided that I was such a challenge, I needed a second mother. My step mother has always loved me and made me feel welcome. He also gave me many other mothers to guide me on my way.

Night all. LOVES


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