13 May

I saw a picture today on Facebook of the first time my youngest saw the ocean. And the wonder and awestruck look on his face is one of my best memories. But looking at the picture reminded me of another memory. I remember the first time I saw the ocean. I was with my Mom and she was teaching us to fly dragon kites.

And that reminded me of other memories with my Mom. There was the time we drove all over Southeastern Idaho to have a picnic because we didn’t want to stay home and do Thanksgiving Day alone. I remember the first time I wreaked her car. I was trying to put the car into the carport and it slipped on the icy driveway. Barely scratched the paint. I remember the second time I wreaked her car. I had taken it out on Christmas Day, after she told me not to. I was broadsided in downtown Oakland. Almost killed my boyfriend and I that day. That time it took out the passenger side door and the front quarter panel.

I remember the time she found out I had a tattoo. I was 35 years old and I STILL felt like I should go get a switch.

I remember the day my daughter died. And my Mom drove all the way from San Francisco to Albany Oregon nonstop to be there when I woke up the next morning. She helped me plan a funeral and bury my child.

I remember all those times I called her when I was in trouble and she did everything she could to help. And I remember the time she didn’t and told me to grow up. This is my 8th Mother’s Day clean and sober because she said no.

Remember and honor your mothers this weekend. You wouldn’t be  here if it wasn’t for them. And for those of you who can’t hold your mothers, know that I understand and miss mine too!

  • I’m grateful I have so many memories of my Mom. I’m grateful for all the timescale said yes. And I’m especially grateful for that one time she said no. Carroll Kay Newman Carson Green, I’m so grateful you are my mother. Thank you for being you.

Night all. LOVES


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