Afternoon thunderstorms

13 May

This week’s weather has been interesting. A couple of days of sun and high temperatures and a few days of partly cloudy but still reasonably warm. And a couple of days of cold, wet and rainy. And there best thing ever? Hearing thunder outside my window a minute or two ago.

I have always loved thunderstorms! Our house growing up had this huge picture window in the front room that made for perfect storm watching. I would open the blinds wide and just sit and watch.

Another favorite place to watch storms was Lebanon Oregon. It’s on the front side of the mountains and as the weather came across the valley, it would bunch up and create amazing storms. I also love watching storms in Arizona and New Mexico when we were traveling down there. There’s just nothing like being the only car for miles and being surrounded by an awesome electrical storm.

My grandmother used to tell me that storms are caused by Heaven cleaning house. The thunder is all the furniture being moved across the floor. The lightning is the flashes of sunlight as the angels are mopping the floor. I know it doesn’t make much sense now, but it kept me from being afraid when I was a child.

  • I’m grateful for thunderstorms. They mean that Heaven is cleansing the air. I’m grateful for hot chocolate because I can’t get warm today. I’m grateful for woobies. To Help the chocolate warm me up.

Night all. LOVES


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