12 May

When you get a stuffy nose and start sneezing, what is your first thought? If you are one of the lucky ones like me who have allergies, it is always, “Is it a cold? Or is it my allergies?”

I grew up in Idaho and while I knew I was allergic to animal dander, I didn’t really think I was allergic to anything else. I was also a kid and didn’t know any different.

When I was 18, I moved to California. THAT is when I found out what allergies could mean. Days of not being able to breathe. Walking around with the giant box if Kleenex or a whole roll of toilet paper. Whichever I could afford at the moment. Itchy, watery eyes burning all the time.

Now that I live in Oregon, my allergies have bloomed. I think I’m allergic to everything. I seem to be stuffy with sinus pressure more days than not. Normal is an allergy medicine every day whether I need it or not. Most often I need it.

It has also affected my new CPAP machine use. The hose connects to this thing that fits under my nose. I have to sleep with my mouth closed. Ever tried to sleep with your mouth closed when your allergies have kicked up? I had to go get a different mask today that covers my mouth too. Came home and took a nap. The best sleep I have had in ages!

I’m still stuffy and congested. But I know that I’ll be able to sleep at night. And I’ll keep a roll of toilet paper next to the bed just in case.

  • Today I’m grateful I didn’t get too wet on my adventures. It was a good day. Only 3 hours for a 30 minute appointment. I’m grateful tomorrow is Friday. I am so ready for the weekend. I’m grateful my blood sugar numbers are lower tonight than they have been for a while.

Night all. LOVES


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