Going on an adventure

11 May

I’ve always told the kids that we were going on an adventure whenever we had to go anywhere. It usually made long bus rides on Trimet bearable.

My son had a therapy appointment this afternoon at 3pm. To get to the therapist’s office at 3, we have to leave the school by 2:00. To get to the school and check him out, I have to leave home no later than 12:30. I get to sit at the transfer spot for 20-30 minutes. The one bus doesn’t run very often. So that’s 2 and a half hours into the one hour therapist appointment.

After the therapist, we generally go across the street to Taco Bell. We’ve been doing it for over 5 years, but changing it now. So about an hour at Taco Bell. 4 1/2 hours into our one hour therapy appointment.

We catch the bus home around 5:15. Depending on which bus combination we take, we’re walking in the door about 6pm. So I put in 6 hours to do a 1 hour therapy appointment for my son.

That’s just ONE appointment! And people always wonder why I get mad when they say I haven’t been doing anything!

So now I’m home. My shoes are off, my feet are up and I’m treating myself to an episode of NCIS until the boy gets home from kids group.

  • I’m grateful I get to take my child to therapy. 90% of the kids at his therapist’s office are in foster care or adopted. I’m grateful for a home to come home to. We saw 4 people setting up for the night. And that’s NOT counting the ones along the freeway. I’m grateful to be headed to summer. Really dislike this adventure in the cold, rainy evening of winter because it’s dark out.

Night all. LOVES


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