Working together?

10 May

It’s really hard to get anything accomplished when you’re working with someone who doesn’t want compromise. My committee meeting is run on a consensus decision model. That usually means we need to fully agree on things.

There are a couple of people there who don’t play well with others. They remind me of those kids we all knew when we were little. “If you’re not going to use my rules, I’m taking my toys and going home!”

I don’t do confrontation well and I’m usually a peacemaker, but tonight I just wanted to shake them because they couldn’t get it that everyone else wanted to do the thing this way, and not that way(the way they were stuck on doing it).

In other words, not much was accomplished. We get to do twice as much next month to catch up. And it gives my a headache.

  • I’m grateful to be home in my quiet home that blocks out the world. I’m grateful I DIDN’T shake anyone when I wanted to. I’m grateful my child and his companion did the dishes tonight. I’m thinking of asking him if he wants a job as Carson’s personal care provider.

Night all. LOVES


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