Binge watching Netflix

9 May

I know everyone has binge watched a show at least once since Netflix, Hulu and YouTube became commonplace. You pick a show and you just have to watch every episode as quickly as possible.

My first was Breaking Bad so I could be caught up before the finale. I just knew that if I didn’t, someone would throw a spoiler out into the universe. My latest is NCIS. I’m halfway through season 6.

The thing is, I can’t put it down. I carry the phone everywhere. Into the kitchen when I’m doing dishes or cooking dinner. Upstairs to bed for an episode or two before I fall asleep. I get lost in it on the couch and forget to do anything else.

Am I the only one? Does anyone else get so lost in what comes next that they make it the only thing they do? I think I might need help. Does anyone know of a 12-step group for binge watching?

  • Today I’m grateful to put the NCIS down for a bit to get some laundry done. And read part of a book. I’m grateful someone came to hang out with the youngest and gave him someone to talk to. I’m grateful to have plans for tomorrow that do not include watch TV. Tonight on the other hand, maybe just one more episode before bed?!

Night all. LOVES


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