Public Transportation

6 May

One of the best things about living in Portland Oregon is the bus system. It’s called Trimet because when it started eons ago it connected the 3 major metropolitan areas of the region. Now the 3 areas have mostly morphed into one huge area of humanity. As the city has grown, so has Trimet.

There’s an extensive bus system, 5 light rail lines with plans for at least 2 more in the future, a Streetcar, and the only commuter tram on the west coast. When it opened, it was the only one in the country.

Trimet is awesome because for around $30 a month I can get to almost every place in the region. If Trimet doesn’t go there, I probably don’t need to be there.

Public transportation is one of the best ways to people watch, too. You get to see drug deals at bus stops. People fighting over whether the bus window should be open or not. You can get asked for spare change or a cigarette at least 20 times an hour. Police activity is a bonus, unless it’s controlling the rioters. And all this while sitting and writing. Or reading. Or just chilling in the outdoors. And no one even knows that you’re watching them watching you.

  • I’m grateful to live where I don’t NEED to own a car to get around. I’m grateful to always have a book on my phone. I’m grateful for free data for music apps.

Night all. LOVES


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