The CPAP machine

4 May

I picked up my CPAP machine today. After a half hour class and fitting session. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I was apprehensive about the whole process. I had no idea what to expect. I was sure I was going to need to get this full face mask and I’d look like one of the guys in Avatar. I’m actually using this thing that sits in my nostrils and forces air into my airwaves. It’s little!

The hardest part of the whole experience was the people in the class with me. I heard lots of “that’s not going to work for me” every time he mentioned something we needed to stop doing to help us be successful. Sleeping with kids, being consistent with wearing the device, and getting distilled water to name just a few. So annoying!

So I get to start another year of life with something new. Hoping it helps.

  • I’m grateful to get my new machine. It’s actually pretty cool. I’m grateful the medical supply place was near a bus and a Walgreen’s(distilled water). Saved an extra trip. Grateful to take myself to lunch on the way home.

Night all. LOVES


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